本系统为进é 存和客户关系管理çš„信息化平台。解决进、é 、存核心业务,加强客户资料管理,同时使系统更符合企业çš„业务流程和管理规范,操作上更适合于企业çš„实际情况,利ç
相关技术和设备提高工作效率。 手机客户端主要实现了é å‮开单及查询功能。业务员在é å‮网点可以通过手机

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本系统为进é 存和客户关系管理çš„信息化平台。解决进、é 、存核心业务,加强客户资料管理,同时使系统更符合企业çš„业务流程和管理规范,操作上更适合于企业çš„实际情况,利ç
相关技术和设备提高工作效率。 手机客户端主要实现了é å‮开单及查询功能。业务员在é å‮网点可以通过手机端软件录入é å‮单,选择é å‮网点和产品,填写订购数量提交即可。提示成功后数据将通过无线网络同步到服务器,ç‵脑操作员根据é å‮单进行其ä»–操作。解决了传统手工记录订货数据时出现çš„漏报、é’报及效率低下等弊端。业务员在录入é å‮单后,可随时查询é å‮单记录。 The system is an information platform for managing purchase, inventory and sales and customer relations, which is used for solving the core business of purchase, inventory and sales and strengthening the management of customer data, so that the system accords with the business process and the management standard of the enterprise, and is more suitable for the practical situation of the enterprises in operation, and the work efficiency is increased by utilizing the related technology and equipment. The mobile phone client mainly realizes the functions of sales billing and inquiry. The salesman can input the sales ticket through mobile phone software in sales network, select the sales network and products, fill in the ordering quantity and then submit. After success, data are synchronized to the server through wireless network, and the computer operator performs other operations in accordance with the sales ticket. The defects of omission, misstatement and low efficiency when the ordering data are manually recorded in the traditional technology are overcome. After the salesman inputs the sales ticket, the record of the sales ticket can be inquired at any time.


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