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A new dimension in word gaming - Mirror Reading provides challenging brain play and a fun chance to explore your untapped aptitudes.  Check it out! Stretch ...

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A new dimension in word gaming - Mirror Reading provides challenging brain play and a fun chance to explore your untapped aptitudes.  Check it out! Stretch mental muscle with this unique suite of Mirror Read activities and exercises. Who knew that right-brain training was backwards?   Fun for all: Adults, Teachers, Parents, Students and Reading Professionals. As well as engineers, architects, designers -  and budding geniuses…   Mirror Reading is an ancient and fascinating skill.  New imaging techniques reveal it as a special ability linked to right brain activity. Mirror Reading has proven results training the right side of a player's brain - in regions associated with core spatial aptitudes of mental rotation and creative transformation.   Mirror Reading activities are sure to flex your cortex! Try them, and get better with practice, all while learning about your own mental machinery! Hint: Lefties may have an advantage...   Contents of MR app: Mirror Read is a bundle of fun word activities that introduce everyone to the exciting world of Mirror Reading. This app was initially developed as a set of research tools, and now it offers players a scaffold to learn, play, and support innovative science, for just .99¢ . We're even giving you a very special eBook with our thanks, to check out a different kind of mirror reading.   1. Backword Scramble Game: A code-cracking puzzler that is fun for all ages. This twist on a classic word-find will tie your thoughts in knots. You need to drag & drop letters to make words in reverse. The rules are backwards too: All words are allowed, even names and  places. Score over 100 points and you’re an expert; see if you can top the leaderboards!   2. Headline News Trainer: Brain-training and your daily news in one handy package. Read the latest headlines of your choice - in reverse! The dailies have never been more entertaining, or educational.  Updated World, Entertainment, Business, Sports and Tech articles stimulate your right-brain on the go!   3. Mirror Read eBook: Enjoy the first volume in the MR catalogue of softcover and eBooks for adults and children. Reading reversed books in mirrors with a buddy encourages social interactions and powerful eye connections - both key elements in the  development of a child's joint attention and imitation. You can even read the book without a mirror for an added challenge. Watch out:  Children are often better than adults!   4. Mirror Read Messaging: Confound your friends with personalized Mirror Messages, that is until they crack the code. Send anyone a Mirror Message using email or Facebook. You can even print them for name tags, lists, or anything, in reverse!   Get involved, and grow your grey-matter! Scientists are using mirror- reversed text to measure spatial rotation skills and to test procedural memory in Alzheimer's and Huntington's patients. Now, the race is on to learn more about the benefits of Mirror Reading practice. Enjoy innovative and enriching activities AND help to further the latest in MR science!   Please allow Mirror Read research to live on with your small  contribution. Completing the survey on Mirror Reading in the app Settings will give us important information to further our knowledge!   Visit http://www.mirrorread.com/ for more info on Mirror Reading, to find the latest in MR science, enjoy the MR Blog, view our Gallery of photos, connect with us, and more. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.   Enjoy! And keep on Mirror Reading! shelagh@mirrorread.com


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