What is MobiWork SmartTrack? MobiWork SmartTrack is an enterprise grade smartphone and cloud-based GPS tracking solution that provides businesses with ...

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What is MobiWork SmartTrack? MobiWork SmartTrack is an enterprise grade smartphone and cloud-based GPS tracking solution that provides businesses with key visibility and insight to mobile workforce locations and field operations. Who is MobiWork SmartTrack Designed For? MobiWork SmartTrack is ideally suited to any business that is looking to gain visibility of their mobile workers. What Benefits does SmartTrack Deliver? Save Time and Money Optimize your route to cut down traveling expenses, vehicle wear and tear, and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce. Handle Last Minute Emergencies Possess real-time visibility of your field operations and mobile worker locations. Keep Track of What Happened Ensure proper service and resolve any customer disputes. Automated Travel and Expense Report Expedite management and validation processes. Expand Your Tracking Options Track individual users in addition to tracking vehicles. No Permanent Installation Easily reuse the smartphone to track another resource. Address Privacy Concerns MobiWork SmartTrack's unique "Points of Interest" location tracking mode allows you to alleviate any privacy concerns. Improve Overall Customer Service Increase on-time performance and technician visibility. Analyze Tracking Data Understand collected data with automated reporting and analytics. No Expensive Hardware and Software to Install and Maintain MobiWork SmartTrack comes with a secure, redundant, and top of the line cloud-based infrastructure. What Features does SmartTrack Deliver? Advanced location data capture Capture accurate locations as frequently as every 6 seconds (smartphone/ tablet dependent). Patented movement analysis Automated movement analysis (in transit vs stopped) of your entire fleet, as well as automated location to point of interest mapping. Top-of-the-line visualization of locations and movements MobiWork SmartTrack gives you access to the last known locations, mobiTimesheet, mobiPath, individual idle and moving segments (including automated metrics like duration and approximate distance) as well as the raw locations captured from the smartphone/tablet. Smartphone Based No custom and limited hardware, meaning no extensive periods of downtime or hidden fees to get started. Battery Life Optimization Advanced optimizations to preserve your battery life. Multiple Location Tracking Modes Choose specific workforce tracking settings to optimize battery life and address the privacy concerns of mobile employees. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Mobile workers can download the application directly to their own smartphone device. Powerful Rules Engine Capture critical events such as geofencing (user entering or exiting an area...) and associate custom behavior. Analytics 24/7 web access to real-time and past locations and movements, as well as automated reporting sent directly to your inbox. Carrier Independent MobiWork solutions work on any wireless carrier so you are free to choose a single or multiple providers. International Deployment SmartTrack is conveniently available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese). How Do I Get Started? Users with a current license to MobiWork SmartTrack can log in. Disclaimers: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Version: 4.220

Size: 3.72 MB


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Developed by MobiWork

Day of release: 2013-02-28

Recommended age: 4+

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