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"Office Helper" is a highly efficient office office software, it is perfectly compatible with word, Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT supports a variety of file formats ...

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"Office Helper" is a highly efficient office office software, it is perfectly compatible with word, Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT supports a variety of file formats to read. In addition, it also provides powerful folder function, for you to customize your own in disk. At the same time, "the office" office offers a variety of transfer functions, such as Wifi, iTunes cable, Bluetooth transmission. Put your computer, phone, pad interconnection. The file can be passed back and forth between. In addition, we also provide some office tool, such as hand painting, draw your ideas with your fingers. The note tag classification of some chores for you at this time, when the voice recordings. [product function list. Transmission Wi-Fi file transfer: at home or in the office, through a WiFi wireless network, the mutual transfer files between your computer and mobile phone. Bluetooth file transfer: through mutual transfer files between your phone and Bluetooth pad. Itunes cable transfer files: use the data line connected to your computer and mobile phone, open the iTunes on the computer can transfer files to the mobile phone. Reading PDF reading: support for preview, see directory, search, bookmarks, font scaling. Support for other file formats: Doc, docx, read PPT, Excel, word, TXT, PDF, MP3, PM4, PNG, JPG, tiff and so on almost all file formats. File management: New: you can create a new folder, Sketchpad, Notepad, memo, recording etc.. Mobile: can put a file or folder to move to any folder. Search: all files and folders, fast locking to find files. Sorting: to files and folders according to the creation time, modify time, reading time, size, type, file name sort. Extract: can decompress the zip, can be a folder for zip compression. Historical records, access to once read file. Edit and delete: can modify the file name for each file and folder, delete. Share: can send the document to others via email Office gadaet: Recording: you can create the tape, tape, tape edit delete Note: you can create notes to the text content of the note, change the font size, increase the marker color Hand painting: create a drawing board, you can choose a brush, a straight line, rectangle, circle, ellipse and other tools for painting, painting color can choose, brush size, i.e. painting thickness selection, and transparency can be chosen, these can easily organize your thoughts. At the same time, we provide a thumbnail function, make a picture thumbnail together, is a complete idea, complete ppt. Calendar: allows you to record what happened the day up to something big, can also query the lunar calendar. News: allows you to conveniently read the news. Embedding a micro browser, convenient you in time of need, find information. Contact us:


Technical specifications

Version: 7.9

Size: 5.02 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by shuru liu

Day of release: 2013-01-14

Recommended age: 17+

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