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If you use the Rearden Personal Assistant (RPA) by Rearden Commerce through your company or travel agent, then this companion application is for you! ...

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If you use the Rearden Personal Assistant (RPA) by Rearden Commerce through your company or travel agent, then this companion application is for you! Make your travels easier by having all your trip information at your fingertips. The Mobile Personal Assistant (MPA) keeps track of everything you book through the RPA ensuring you are informed, organized and connected while traveling. This application will keep you informed of your flight status and allow you to check in and get your boarding pass right on your mobile device. Airport parking, hotel and car rental information is also right at hand when you need it. The MPA provides the ability to search for flights, hotels, and dining options wherever you may be. Finally, essentials like weather reports and maps of all booked services are provided for maximum convenience. Combined with the Rearden Personal Assistant, the Mobile Personal Assistant gives you a partner in travel when even you are away from home. Note: If you are using an account through American Express or Travelport (all Rearden Commerce partners), you will need to wait for the privately branded versions of this app. For more information, please contact your travel partner. FLIGHT ALERTS * Stay informed of delays, gate changes or cancellations FLIGHT CHECK-IN * Check-in to your flight (usually 24 hours prior) * Get your Mobile Boarding Pass when available UPCOMING RESERVATIONS * View all your reservation details for flight, hotel, dining, car rental, car service and airport parking TRAVEL RESERVATIONS * Check availability for one-way or round-trip flights * Search for nearest hotel to your destination or by using your phone’s GPS * View hotel rates and availability with photos and ratings to help you decide on the best selection * Book your hotel directly from the app without calling the travel agent (not yet available for all customers) * Link provided to call travel agent to book the selected flight RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS * Search by restaurant name, cuisine, and location * Use your GPS to find your closest options * View restaurant details including ratings, reviews and pictures * Direct dialing to the restaurant to reserve a table * Use the linked map function to quickly plan your route BOOK CAR SERVICE * Direct dialing to discounted providers of ground transportation or car service MAPS * View maps for the locations all booked services, including driving directions WEATHER * Current weather and 7 day forecasts for all of your reservation locations SUPPORT * Direct dialing to your travel agent and additional support numbers for your company


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