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Mobile Express - This is the most powerful trucking specific mobile communications system ever developed for the iPhone or any phone. Unlike mounted in-cab ...

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Mobile Express - This is the most powerful trucking specific mobile communications system ever developed for the iPhone or any phone. Unlike mounted in-cab GPS systems, Mobile Express organizes itself as a dispatching system first. Most in-cab systems simply transmit messages back and forth. This means that drivers have to peruse what are often very long lists of messages to locate actual dispatch and routing information. This is very inefficient. By organizing itself as a dispatching system, your drivers will be able to quickly and easily access formatted information. Very inexpensive and easy to use, Mobile Express for the iPhone does more and costs less than any in-cab mounted solution on the market today. Mobile Dispatching - This is how Mobile Dispatching is supposed to work. Dispatch information in Mobile Express is managed and formatted to be distinct from ordinary inbound/outbound text messages. This is quite unlike other in-cab solutions that mix dispatch information in with every other message being sent to their in-cab device. This makes for a cluttered display that drivers are forced to scroll thru repeatedly to retrieve the information they need. Many drivers eventually tire of this and write the information down on paper. How is that helping things? With Mobile Express your drivers' dispatch assignments are separated from other messages. These dispatch messages are specially formatted for easy viewing, link to mapping for route maps and turn by turn directions, display weather and traffic information for the driving route and provide easy access to status updating tools. This is the handheld system your drivers will actually use. Mobile HOS Log Book - This feature is easy to use, accurate and integrated with the Express Dispatching Software System. Drivers tap in duty status changes as they happen and Mobile Express will perform an immediate HOS audit. Drivers will always have their available driving time, off duty time and sleeper berth information is continuously calculated and displayed within Mobile Express. Because it's integrated with the Express Dispatching Software System, you'll be able to obtain current duty status, available hours and violation information for each driver and even computer generated Log Form Views complete with painted grids and violations. GPS Tracking Every time your driver starts Mobile Express, sends a message, reads a message, makes a HOS log entry or anything else, every time he does anything in Mobile Express the system will send his current GPS location to XpressTrax.Com. Every one of these 'pings' or 'breadcrumbs' are stored and indexed and can be accessed from within the Express Dispatching Software System. Your dispatching personnel will always have 'ping' histories as well as current location and status information for every driver equipped with the Mobile Express System.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.1

Size: 26.44 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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