WorksPad turns iPad and iPhone into the integrated enterprise mobile workplace, giving business users and enterprise customers familiar PC capabilities ...

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WorksPad turns iPad and iPhone into the integrated enterprise mobile workplace, giving business users and enterprise customers familiar PC capabilities and providing rich functionality, usability and security while working with corporate files, documents, email, appointments and contacts in a single app at any time in any place. NOTE: The free WorksPad iOS app is used with your company's WorksPad server to access to corporate information resources and email system. This WorksPad iOS app requires your corporate Active Directory user account registered and enabled on your company’s WorksPad system. Please contact your company's IT group for details on setting up this app. WorksPad opens up easy and secure access to corporate information assets with on-premises deployment and smooth integration into an existing enterprise IT and information security landscape. Designed with the tablet user experience first in mind it provides unique features and supports habitual PC scenarios for using mobile devices in a business environment. WorksPad provides a rich toolset for document access, viewing, creating, editing, sharing and management together with corporate email processing capabilities directly on mobile devices: •Multi-screen user interface to open and work with multiple files •File manager with rich set of file operations •Viewer for many file formats of documents, images, multimedia •Embedded Office to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations •Embedded corporate email client for Microsoft Exchange connected with WorksPad server •Text file based note taker with extended keyboard •Multi-screen desktop for shortcuts •Access to Windows shared folders and SharePoint document libraries •Easy and secure file sync with special WorksPad PC Agent •Login with users’ corporate identity by Active Directory integration •On-premises WorksPad Server components deployment within corporate intranet •Office 365 Exchange and SharePoint support in case of hybrid deployment •Scalable multi-component server architecture •Management and monitoring tools, including dashboard Direct File & Screen Sharing Direct File Sharing provides corporate users with the unique new true file sharing cross-platform capabilities. Direct File Sharing allows to secure send multiple files directly using Wi-Fi from user tablet to other tablets for the selected users. Direct Presentation Broadcasting allows sharing of WorksPad screen directly to other devices for the selected users in a secure way via Wi-Fi. Both of Direct File Sharing and Direct Presentation Broadcasting require specific network ports to be opened in Wi-Fi network. These capabilities could be disabled by WorksPad administrator at WorksPad policy. Please contact your WorksPad administrator for availability of these capabilities for your device(s) in corporate wireless network. This WorksPad for iOS mobile client application requires a user account on an instance of WorksPad system deployed in organization or service provider. Important note: WorksPad app does not send any personal data from device to WorksPad server, corporate systems nor any third parties. WorksPad app at the first start will ask you for access to calendars on your device. In case of explicit allowing the access to calendars on your device WorksPad will be able to show device calendars in the same view as corporate calendar for easier planning of you schedule. WorksPad app asks for device calendar access to show list of all available calendars just as you go to Device calendara list and switch it on in the Settings | Calendar - > Calendars without additional requests as you for example urgently need to check timeslot availability by visual comparing corporate calendar timeslots with your personal or other device calendars time slots. All of device calendar data are used for display purposes only without ability to modify them. For modifying device calendars please use standard Apple Calendar app.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.5.1

Size: 22.47 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by MobilityLab LLC

Day of release: 2013-09-18

Recommended age: 4+

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