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It`s true that consumers look upon businesses that are using the iPad in their marketing efforts more favorably than those that aren`t. ...

Discontinued App


It’s true that consumers look upon businesses that are using the iPad in their marketing efforts more favorably than those that aren’t. You’re seen as more progressive, forward-thinking, and delivering higher quality. The ModSolar Platform for iPad allows you to capture all of that for your solar business. Here’s what the ModSolar Platform for iPad can do for your business: -Generate commercial & residential proposals on the iPad anywhere you have an internet connection. -Draw a system on a roof with just the touch of your finger! -In real-time, show a home or business owner what the system will look like on their roof. -Calculate system size, return on investment, & environmental benefit. -Generate proposals for multiple states - Platform includes state & federal incentives. -Email proposals from inside the app immediately after they are generated. -Manage proposals generated; edit proposals generated in the field or in the office and re-distribute; store multiple proposals for each lead. -Give prospects an interest-level rating. -Synchronize leads & proposals no matter where you log on! Proposals created on the iPad can be viewed & edited anywhere else you can log onto theModSolar platform. Suggested Uses 1. The ModSolar Platform for iPad means you can generate a proposal with the touch of a finger - and do it from anywhere at any time. Mobile proposal generation brings about a large number of uses that previously weren’t possible, including: 2. Trade show/outdoor event proposal generation - stand with the home or business owner and have a conversation at the same time you’re generating a proposal, instead of having to open your laptop and find an Internet connection; the iPad creates a more intimate sales experience than was previously possible. 3. Equip your home-sales force with iPads - use them to generate proposals on the spot, taking that sexy, intimate experience right into the home where you can really separate yourself from whatever competition may have also found this homeowner. 4. Canvassing teams - did you install a system in a neighborhood and want to go back and canvass the neighbors? Now you can give them a quick sense of what they might be spending, right at their front door using the iPad (with 3G wireless connectivity). 5. Impromptu opportunities - how many times have you been out at an event and someone says “Oh yeah, you’re in Solar, I’d love to see what a proposal for my house looks like”? Well now you can take out your iPad and show them, on THEIR house, in under 3 minutes!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4

Size: 1.36 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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