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Test-drive all features of ModView with ModView Lite. Save TIME and MONEY. RAPIDLY inspect process gear from the convenience of your iPhone/iPad. Catch ...

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Test-drive all features of ModView with ModView Lite. Save TIME and MONEY. RAPIDLY inspect process gear from the convenience of your iPhone/iPad. Catch potential problems; all variables displayed BOTH numerically and graphically via the MODBUS protocol. Configuration is a snap with entries right in ModView, NO files, NO spreadsheets to download. Screenshots below. ModView Lite provides ALL the same easy to use features of full ModView with ONE external variable (tag). Any number of internal variables from the built-in RTU can be used. Full ModView has unrestricted external variables. Locally or halfway around the world, ModView enables process engineers, maintenance personnel and supervisors to monitor their process systems. ModView supports a wide variety of communications. TCP or UDP can be used via the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch's wireless link (WiFi or cell). All three of the major Modbus protocols are supported: RTU, ASCII and Modbus/TCP. So whether you have a high end PLC or a simple RTU connected with an Ethernet to serial converter, ModView can talk to it! ModView groups variables into a hierarchy so that you can easily see the health of each group or drill down for greater detail. Groups and variables are easy to add, clone, rearrange and remove. Variables provide the pulse of your process. ModView shows their last numerical or text lookup value and a graph or meter for each. Each Variable's configuration includes: - IP address - Port - UDP or TCP - RTU, ASCII or Modbus/TCP - Device address (Modbus device number) - Register (holding, input, coil or discrete) - Timeout and retries - Formula for scaling, conversion, masking (e.g. 9/5*v+32 or v>>10&0x3) - Decimals to display - Units - Meter or trend graph with optional limits - Register format (bit, integer 8/16/32, float, text lookup) Configurations can easily be shared with your colleagues or used for deployment on multiple devices. - Export to pasteboard and email - Import from pasteboard ModView comes complete with a built-in Modbus RTU for evaluation and testing. Having problems with Modbus configuration or communications? Try our sister product ModChk. It provides detailed logs of the packets sent/received and the raw values for registers and any Modbus exceptions. It talks TCP and UDP over the Internet and the Modbus RTU, ASCII and Modbus/TCP protocols.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.25

Size: 1017.69 KB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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