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THE BEST POSING GUIDE FOR SHOOTING FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Whether you are a photographer or a model, this app is for you. Use the app live during your photo ...

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THE BEST POSING GUIDE FOR SHOOTING FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Whether you are a photographer or a model, this app is for you. Use the app live during your photo session and innovate your shooting. Go to the website: FINALLY GREAT TOOLS FOR A PERFECT FASHION PHOTO SHOOT. With Model 1001 Poses app, models will learn how to position their body in relation to the camera in a way that is best designed to maximize the dynamic line of the body. Models will also see how a good body position helps to improve the visual quality of the photograph and highlights the clothing modeled. Model 1001 Poses gives models and photographers the advantage of controlling, in advance, the fundamental poses and attitudes that will ensure a perfect photo shoot. TWO POWERFUL MODULES TAKE YOU TO A HIGHER TOP MODEL LEVEL Module 1- The Modeling Poses Module 2- The Series of Moves MODULE 1- THE MODELING POSES With this module, models learn how to strike outstanding poses. To make it easier for the models, each and every photos has a clear description explaining how to execute the pose. This command allows the user to select between the different categories of poses: Legs Arms Pelvis Ground (floor positions) “DOS AND DON’TS “ The examples in the Dos and Don’ts section are very useful to avoid the most common mistakes. You can compare your position in front of the mirror and notice the effect of the pose. MODULE 1- SERIES OF MOVES (SLIDESHOWS) With this module, you are entering the more practical side of the app. This section contains a series of poses designed to be used when working in front of the camera. It contains 10 slideshows with a variety of 1001 artistic poses divided by level of difficulty. You can use this section to practice at home or use it in the studio during the photo shoot.. Position your device so you can see the screen, and start the slideshow of your choice. Simply follow the poses as they scroll. SLIDESHOW SETTING You can select the speed of the slideshow and other options. You can choose the transition speed depending on how much experience you have. The music option allows you to choose a file from a personal music directory. CATEGORY (TYPE OF CLOTHING) You can select slideshow pictures based on the type of clothing. The option " All clothes " appears by default. By selecting a specific type of clothing, only poses the most suitable for that type of clothing will appear in the slideshow. WARNING: THE CLOTHING SHOWN BY THE MODEL REMAINS THE SAME FROM PICTURE TO PICTURE. Pants and jeans Jacket and suit Evening dress Skirt and short dress Bikini and underwear So don’t wait, start right now learning professional posing technique.


Technical specifications

Version: 5.1.03

Size: 68.42 MB


Price: 6,59 €

Developed by Mannequin Direct inc.

Day of release: 2012-12-12

Recommended age: 4+

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