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Close your eyes and imagine carrying all of your important confidential business documents and data with you on the roadâ€â€in a tiny bulletproof, waterproof, ...

Discontinued App


Close your eyes and imagine carrying all of your important confidential business documents and data with you on the roadâ€â€in a tiny bulletproof, waterproof, tamper-proof, theft-proof container no bigger than an iPhone (ok, it *is* an iPhone). Further, imagine that although your files were completely safe and protected, you could still browse them, annotate them, sign them, share them, edit them (with whitelisted apps), and more…without ever compromising their security, even if your device was lost or stolen. Now open your eyes and download MokaFive for iOS. MokaFive for iOS offers secure access to all of your corporate network resources and file sharesâ€â€even if they reside in disparate locationsâ€â€from your iPad or iPhone.* Not only can you view, annotate, share, and edit these files (when sanctioned by your company’s security policies), you can even cache them for offline use. Unlike other file-browsing and data-sharing apps, MokaFive can be completely managed and secured by your IT department. It accomplishes this feat through the use of an invisible encrypted “bubble,” called a LiveData container, which runs like any other iOS app. If your device is lost or stolen, IT can simply wipe out this data container with a single click. Your IT department can also configure security settings with a robust set of policies, making sure that you stay in compliance, no matter where you go. * Accessing internal network resources requires a MokaFive Server installation at your organization. *** Why You’ll Love MokaFive for iOS *** Complete user freedom: - Use any personal iOS device for work - Securely view corporate files, online or offline - Access corporate web apps and intranet without a VPN Increased productivity: - Annotate PDF files within the MokaFive app - Open/edit files in approved (whitelisted) apps - Unified search across all dataâ€â€your desktop computer, network file shares, SharePoint, and cloud-stored data Seamless corporate experience: - Keep data in sync across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices *** Why Your IT Department Will Love MokaFive for iOS *** Complete security: - Keep corporate data encrypted - Control data usage with 30+ policies - Remotely wipe the MokaFive container on a lost or stolen device Central management: - Single pane of glass - manage desktop and mobile users from one console - Control access to corporate data on mobile devices - Provision users with a single click Support users’ device choices: - Support corporate or BYO devices - Enable editing within white-listed apps *** Who uses MokaFive for iOS? *** - Individuals requiring secure file sharing/collaborationâ€â€boards of directors, realtors, external consultants, medical personnel, etc. - Mobile sales force, traveling executives, and other mobile workersâ€â€to access documents and sensitive data on the road without risk of data loss or leakage - Those who require a unified view of business data across many sources, including desktop files, Sharepoint, Windows file shares, and cloud-stored data


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.9

Size: 7.46 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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