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Mommy n I Learn To Read HD

This is a simple, highly effective and customizable tool for helping children learn to read. This tool is preloaded with around 500 ESSENTIAL SIGHT WORDS, ...

Discontinued App


This is a simple, highly effective and customizable tool for helping children learn to read. This tool is preloaded with around 500 ESSENTIAL SIGHT WORDS, with full PHONICS support, that are essential for every child to know for them to start reading on their own. The word lists are fully categorized in consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) and level lists. This application encourages repetition and practice using an innovative "picture-puzzle" index card approach combined with rewards, so that your child can gain enough practice and be comfortable reading these common sight words all by themselves. Once your child is comfortable with these basic words and basic rules of blending and pronouncing the letters they will be well prepared to try small, easy stories or texts all by themselves. CUSTOM LISTS: Apart from the preloaded word lists, the application has 3 customizable word lists where you can add your own words. This is especially useful if you want to help your kids prepare for a language test or help them with some words they find challenging. This feature makes the tool useful even after your child has become an independent reader since you can add progressively larger and complicated words for them to master. REWARDS: As the child completes reading all words in the word list you can choose to present him/her a fully customizable reward. We also allow you to set a reward for each word lists which can be chosen from our preloaded image library or can be customized. To set a customized reward just select it from the photo gallery or use the camera to take a photo. We always find customized rewards work best as you know what excites your child much more then we do. My daughter is crazy about stickers and is always very excited to complete the word list to be able to see the reward she is getting. She is very happy to receive a real sticker or a real balloon at the end of each reading session. ADVANCED SETTINGS: The app allows following settings which can be accessed at Parent Zone > Settings button on the left bottom corner. - Phonics : On or off. When on, user can tap on each letter to hear the letter sound - Reward : On or off. When on, upon completing that word list you will see a reward. When off, you will be presented with encouraging words. - Word Style: You can choose from any of the following three word styles - first letter capitalized, all lower case, all upper case. This is a complete, fully loaded app packed with features that we hope will help your child get started on their journey into the wonderful world of reading!! Privacy and kid-safety disclosure: - Does not include any ads - Does not include in-app purchases - Does not include any social networking features Recommended ages: 4+


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