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Moose Peterson, wildlife and aviation photographer, has for 30yrs been writing with over 27 book titles and thousands of articles worldwide. Now you can ...

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Moose Peterson, wildlife and aviation photographer, has for 30yrs been writing with over 27 book titles and thousands of articles worldwide. Now you can find his latest writings along with all new books under one app, Moose Press! Moose Press is the only app where you will see the books as Moose intended, packed full of trivia and information bursting from every photo, caption, and link and every photo as stunning as it looks right out of the camera. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Available Now in Moose Press: - Photography FUNdamentals Why is the title Photography FUNdamentals? Are you brand new to photography? Have you been at it for years and have hit a wall? No matter where you are in your photography, Photography FUNdamentals brings you the technical and the trivial that will improve your photography! You’ve got to have a solid foundation with the technical in order for your photography to grow. Written from 30 years behind the camera, in the hundreds of pages and photographs in Photography FUNdamentals, Moose brings to light all the important photographic information you need to learn so you can forget it. Huh? A huge part of being an successful photographer is knowing the tools so well that they become second nature so your main focus is your subject. By learning these basics, the how and why they work, you can find your own path in the technical, you can do just that, forget them. Some of this stuff is pretty dry and others, well Moose can’t help but make fun of it. And through the entire book are Trivia Alerts, important photography techniques that while is trivia, can make the difference in YOUR getting the photograph. _________________________________________________________________________________________ - Taking Flight – Your Start into Aviation Photography - -2nd Edition Now Available! With an entire new chapter just on Air-to-Air photography, it is just what you need to get your photography off the ground! *Special Moose Press price - $12.99!* The first book of its type. With more than 120pgs, 200 photographs, it also includes video and Photoshop Lessons! Being iPad based and an iBook, it is the first book that will be updated and you won’t have to buy the next edition! Written and illustrated by Moose Peterson, Taking Flight is a book about your getting started in aviation photography. Whether you are brand new to the passion or a long time pro, you will find between its covers more information that you can imagine. The information is presented not just through text, but with innovative teaching only possible with the iPad. Slideshows, sliders, links, video and a whole lot more bring the text to life and set your shutter finger itchin to get shooting!


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