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Morus Mobile – A smart way to visit the Jebsen Intranet. Point, shoot and post as news easily on your mobile device! Look for a colleague conveniently ...

Discontinued App


Morus Mobile - A smart way to visit the Jebsen Intranet. Point, shoot and post as news easily on your mobile device! Look for a colleague conveniently on the go! Stay in touch with the latest information sleeker, faster - your way! This is an application for Jebsen staff to smartly visit the Group’s Intranet service with enhanced functions via your mobile device. Main features: Featured News Do you want to know the Group’s key announcements first-hand? This is the section to show corporate news, business updates, and any other major achievements, fresh and updated every week. Now you can read and respond more easily. Latest News Every day, everyone has different stories to tell. This is the platform for staff to post and learn about the hottest news from various business units. More importantly, you can conveniently post news with a photo shot or stored on your mobile device. What’s more, you are most welcome to respond to and rate the news that interests you. Locations What to do when you are not familiar with the office locations especially during your business trips? Here’s a neat solution! This section contains all the main Jebsen office addresses around the region with map links. Staff Search How to contact a certain colleague if you have forgotten his/her number? This search engine can help you easily find him/her! Key Links Here’s a one-stop station from which you can quickly check your webmail, visit the Group’s various websites, and even view Jebsen’s official Facebook and Sina Weibo pages. Edit Options In order to ensure that any colleague can contact you at the right number and site (via Staff Search function), you are highly encouraged to check and update your profile in this section. Here you are able to choose your default language, date format you prefer, working site, and edit your contact details. Login/Log Out Keep your login ID and password when logging in to your company computer -that’s the same information to access Morus Mobile. And you will be asked to confirm before logging out of the application. P.S. Have you tasted Morus today?   Morus手机版â€â€â€â€è®¿é—®æ·æˆå†…èâ€Ã§½‘有新招 ç
手机随时对焦、拍摄并上传,这样就可以发布新闻了! ç
手机轻松查找某位同事çš„信息,这就èâ€Ã§³»Ã¤»–/她吧! ç
手机即时浏览最新资讯,这是时下流行çš„阅读方式! 该款手机软件专为捷成集团而设,让员工利ç
一系列升级功能。 主要功能: 重点新闻 你是否希望第一时间了解集团çš„重要信息?该栏目涵ç›–企业新闻、业务资讯以及公司其ä»–重要举措,每周准时新鲜“上架”。界面友好,便于浏览及评论留言。 最新新闻 每一天,每个人都有不同çš„故事分享。这个平台能让员工查阅或发布各个业务单位çš„最新热辣新闻。更重要çš„是,每条新闻均能上传一张ç
手机拍摄、或存档于手机中çš„照片,操作非常简易。另外,欢迎你对感兴趣çš„新闻进行评级及添加评论。 地点目录 当你在外出差,对当地办公地点不熟悉çš„时候该怎么办?有办法!这里涵ç›–了捷成在各地的主要办公地点,点击即能直接连结手机上çš„地图指示功能。 员工搜寻 如果你遗忘了某个同事çš„信息,该如何与ä»–/她取得èâ€Ã§³»å‘¢Ã¯¼Ÿè¿™Ã¤¸ªæœÃ§´¢å¼•æ“Žèƒ½å¸®Ã¤½ è½»æ¾æŸ¥æ‰¾Ã¤»–/她的个人页面来获取èâ€Ã§³»Ã¤¿¡æ¯å“¦Ã¯¼ 重点链接 这里提供一站式服务,让你快速查阅集团çš„各类链接,如登录你çš„ç‵邮、访问集团及各个业务单位çš„官方网站,以及集团çš„Facebook及新浪微博页面。 个人档案 为了确保其ä»–同事ç
正确çš„ç‵话号码或在准确çš„办公地点èâ€Ã§³»åˆ°Ã¤½ Ã¯¼ˆé€šè¿‡å‘˜å·¥æœå¯»åŠŸèƒ½Ã¯¼‰Ã¯¼Œéžå¸¸å¸Œæœ›Ã¤½ èƒ½æ£€æŸ¥åŠæ›´æ–°Ã¤¸ªÃ¤ººæ¡£æ¡ˆÃ£€‚在这里,你能选择默认语言、默认日期格式,及公司地点,还可ç¼–辑其他个人信息。 登录/登出 请记住你在公司çš„ç‵脑开机ç
户名及密码,这与你登录Morus手机版çš„信息一致。当要登出时,需要确定后系统即能登出。 那么,今天ä½ Morus了吗?


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 2 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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