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MouldAndMore Mould remediation/removal and Specialist Cleaning & Hygiene services The quality of air inside the home has a direct effect on one's health. ...

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MouldAndMore Mould remediation/removal and Specialist Cleaning & Hygiene services The quality of air inside the home has a direct effect on one's health. Ideally, air quality indoors should be clean and healthy. Many factors may contribute to health risks such as respiratory problems if there is poor air circulation and quality inside the home. One of these factors is the existence and growth of mould which can be sourced from a variety of materials. Moulds are environmental contaminants which can cause serious health problems if left for a long time. They come in the forms of algae, dust mites, viruses, pollen, mildew, yeast, and the like. Types of moulds are: Aspergillus, Cladosprium, and Stachybotrys. Moulds flourish in the air during the change in seasons or humidity when there is more than enough moisture in the air, from floods and Leaks. They can also form and come from food sources usually found in the kitchen. Sometimes they grow on surfaces where there is a perfect temperature for them to survive. Some moulds do not simply just grow overnight as they remain unnoticed for years. If the source is not treated and removed it may cause health issues. Some moulds may in some cases such as Aspergillus be able to cause serious lung problems Cladosprium may trigger certain kinds of allergies; and Stachybotrys can potentially cause internal bleeding. It is important to understand where mould can be found in the home or premises to have them treated before they can do further damage to one's health. To have the expertise of a Mould Remediation/Removal Cleaning specialist do the task on your behalf. Using professional solutions to wipe out all sources of mould and spores inside your home or premises, the company ensures homeowners/clients of good quality of air indoors. The company always guarantees to clients not only a one-off measure to keep the home clean from mould, but also long-term solutions to keep them from returning. MouldAndMore is composed of a professional team of experts adept at eliminating all sorts of moulds and their sources from one's home or premises. Being around in the business for years, the team behind MouldAndMore employs effective methods to ensure that mould growth and spores have been dealt with. What makes MouldAndMore Perth's mould remediation/removal procedure work? •The company starts off with inspecting the cause of the mould and the extent of its growth from every possible area around the home or premises some equipment used moisture meter, humidity meter and used on such as the ceilings, walls, subfloors and roof cavities among others. •The next step is correcting the situation by remediation and removing the moulds in the areas where they are found and using extinguishing agents for airborne bacteria or surface moulds. • Controlling the problem with mould and bacteria is not just about eliminating them as a one-off thing, but rather a more permanent solution is applied to keep mould from occurring over and over again in the future. MouldAndMore can conduct mould testing if required as well as a full written report. Clearance testing can also be conducted afterwards to guarantee to homeowners/clients that the home/premises are clean and free from potentially health-damaging bacteria and moulds. Products used are non-toxic, biodegradable products therefore often homes can be treated and ready for you to return in the same day. - Mould removal Information - Odour Removal - Anti Bacterial Info - Quality Perth Business - Tips and help on mould removal - Dangers on mould


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