Discontinued App


MoviesIHave is the ultimate application for organizing and cataloging your entire movie collection! ***** It makes it very fast and simple to create, ...

Discontinued App


MoviesIHave is the ultimate application for organizing and cataloging your entire movie collection! ***** It makes it very fast and simple to create, view, filter and share your collection of movies and TV-series media (Bluray, DVD, VHS) and Digital Copies. Add movie media items to your list by scanning them with the device camera, or searching by title or barcode. Even add Digital Copy items. When adding items, the app automatically gathers all data about your movies and media from the internet and is server-free, so does not require an online membership account. Your movie list database is stored on your local device and can only be altered by you. Once you have added your items, you can even view your movie list without internet access. Also choose to store the hi-res front/back images of your media in the local database or have them load from the internet to save space. The movie list database can be backed up and restored by iTunes file sharing. Also share your movie list with friends by email. With MoviesIHave, you can now easily keep track of all movies you own, rent or wish to purchase! ***** Features: • SCAN OR BULK-SCAN your movie media by Barcode (using the device camera): Scan Blurays, DVDs and VHS media. Bulk scan allows non-interrupted scanning of multiple items. • OR SEARCH MANUALLY BY TYPING TITLE/YEAR OR BARCODE - also specify the media Country and Format to search by. The app supports the following formats: Bluray, Digital Copy, DVD and VHS. • SEARCH BY COMPLETE TITLE OR WORD FROM TITLE - Also change the movie found in result lists by clicking “Edit” and then selecting “Movie Details”/“Media Details”. • ADD MULTIPLE COMBINATIONS OF FORMAT/COUNTRY MEDIA FOR SAME MOVIE to your collection. Even add separate entries for Owned/Not-Owned media. • DUAL MOVIE LISTS - View two lists showing different filtered versions of your movie collection side-by-side. eg. "Owned"/"Not-Owned" movies; "Wish Lists"; List filtered by "Actors"/"Genres" etc. • MULTIPLE LIST VIEWS - by Summary List mode or Bookshelf Library mode. • NAME VIEW - view details of an individual actor/director/writer/person. Names list view also displays items in your collection associated with a selected name. • VIEW VERY DETAILED INFORMATION about your movie/tv-series item: Movie details (from IMDB); Movie Directors/Writers/Cast/Story; Media Details (including front/back images) and Personal Details. • ALLOWS FULL EDITING of Media Details, Media Images and Personal Details for item: Personal Details include following fields that can be edited: Own, Watched, Personal Score, Custom Group, Location Address and Notes. When media is set to Owned - can also specify: Lent To (from Contacts), Purchase Price & Date, Quantity and Storage. • VIEW HI-RES IMAGES of your media items like you are holding them in your hand. You can also flip the image to see the back cover view. • STORE LARGE HI-RES IMAGES of your items in your local movie database or set to load from internet (via settings). Custom media images can also be added by taking camera snapshots or selecting from photos roll. • LOAN YOUR MOVIES OUT and keep track of who you have lent your movies to. • BACKUP/RESTORE your movie collection database by iTunes file sharing. • SHARE YOUR FILTERED LISTS with friends by Email. • SORT YOUR LISTS by following fields: Title, Year, Country, Type, Format, Box Set, 3D, Run Time, Rating, Date, MPAA, Watched & Location. Also choose to sort without "The" and "A" option. • QUICK LIST FIND an item by typing in Title (or partial title) or by sliding the Side Index Bar. • SHAKE FOR RANDOM list item selection (can also be disabled in settings). • DETAILED AND VERY EXTENSIVE FILTERING AND SEARCHING by almost any field that can be displayed. Create/Store multiple filters or set Quick filter for fast searching. • SLICK AND INTUITIVE DESIGN! *****


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7

Size: 3.41 MB


Price: 2,53 €

Developed by Kevin Malaeb

Day of release: 2013-08-20

Recommended age: 4+

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