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====================================== A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY TECHNICAL TRADERS OR INVESTORS! ====================================== Did you know that ...

Discontinued App


====================================== A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY TECHNICAL TRADERS OR INVESTORS! ====================================== Did you know that the single most reliable and simple technical indicator that can give u an edge and help you make good buying or selling decisions are moving averages? Simple well-timed trades can make or save thousands of dollars. But let's face it...keeping up with these averages and prices for many different stocks can be a real pain. That's where the Moving Averages app comes in. For about the price of a typical stock trade...you can get this invaluable tool that will improve your trades, timing, awareness and most importantly your bottom line. Never miss another chance to buy or sell when a stock crosses above (bullish) or below (bearish) your favorite moving average again. This app is designed to keep you informed and up to date on your favorite stocks' technical buy and sell signals based on moving averages you can define and even sends you push notifications or emails based on alert settings that you can customize. You may choose 2 moving averages that you care about (for example the 50 and 200 day) to track based on your timeframe as an investor or trader. Moving Averages will then send you alerts when any of the following events happen (based on an example where you choose 50 and 200 day moving averages). - a stock crosses above its 50 moving average (bullish signal) - a stock crosses below its 50 moving average (bearish signal) - a stock crosses above its 200 moving average (bullish signal) - a stock crosses below its 200 moving average (bearish signal) Moving Averages also allows you to see much more detailed information on each stock including current quote, basic stats, charts, message boards about the stock, etc. We even allow you to see the price history up to one year back for any given stock. This app even lets you know the general trend of a stock based on your customized moving averages using very visual bullish (green), bearish (red) or neutral (gray) arrow indicators beside each stock. **DISCLAIMER - The information contained in this application is for informational purposes only and Stock-Events.com does not take any responsibility for any monetary gains or losses caused by information provided by this application. Although we try very hard to have the most accurate data we possibly can we cannot guarantee it so please do your own due diligence. Sinlge best tool to tell you when to buy or sell stocks based on the most trusted technical indicator - moving averages.


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