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Mr. Potino is a skilled dancing puppet, who claims to be an hangman with a very original way! With Mr. Potino Lite, you'll have 30 words available to ...

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Mr. Potino is a skilled dancing puppet, who claims to be an hangman with a very original way! With Mr. Potino Lite, you'll have 30 words available to play with, earn star points and unlock the first 4 dresses. Are you interested in Potino, but you don’t understand what is it? Try Mr. Potino Lite and then download the full version to play with a dictionary of 50,000 words and discover all the most beautiful dresses of Potino. ------- THE MORE YOU GUESS THE MORE YOU WIN - Guess the hidden word The game rules are the opposite of the traditional Hangman and Mr. Potino will lose a piece of its body for every mistake you make! - While you think, try to play with the fallen puppet’s bones - The more you guess the more star points you can bring to the Mr. Potino room and unlock new dresses LEARN NEW WORDS HAS NEVER BEEN SO AMUSING -You have got more than 50.000 words to guess! -For every word Mr. Potino will offer you the definition from a famous and detailed dictionary! VISIT MR. POTINO ROOM AND FIND WHAT HIS PENDANTS HIDE - Wardrobe: do you want that your puppet is the most orginal ever? Use the star points that you earned in the game room and buy new dresses to your puppet. Every combination is possibile and will make your personal Mr. Potino! - The puppeteer: find a friend for Mr. Potino and try the moves of a true puppeteer. In order to do that the devices will connect with the bluetooth and you can hold in one hand the Bilancino to move Mr. Potino and in the other there will be the stage in with to move it. - The dictionary: look the collection of all the words you guessed, show them to your friends as trophies and review the definitions of the most difficult words! - The photographer: share the number of guessed words and your Mr. Potino style on Facebook. Countdown begins, put Potino in the position you like and take a photo. 
Awesome!!! - Online score: guess more and more words to be the best in GameCenter ranking! Potino offers a varied game experience, simple and satisfying. You will play for years, always learning and having fun!!! Pay attention: With iOS v.5.0 you can also share Mr. Potino on Twitter! ---- Become a fan of Mr. Potino on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PotinoCommunity Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mixel-FAN-PAGE/316180140460 Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MixelScarl Visit our official site at www.mixelweb.it


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