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Multi Audiobook Player comes with a great list of features designed to make audio book listening easy. With the innovative sleep mode functions you don’t ...

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Multi Audiobook Player comes with a great list of features designed to make audio book listening easy. With the innovative sleep mode functions you don’t miss a thing or have to start over, the Multi Audiobook Player knows when you have fallen asleep and saves the exact position in the audiobook. Multi Audiobook Player lets you control the play speed of the audiobook, from 0.25x to 4x in 0.25 step increments. Multi Audiobook Player can extract chapter information from m4a/m4b files as well. Multi Audiobook Player comes with a beautiful-looking playback UI • Clean, uncluttered interface • Super easy to use • Album art display, exact position display If you have a habit of falling asleep while listening to audiobooks • Innovative sleep functions allows you to fall asleep while listening and picking up where you left off • Multiple sleep modes: sleep timer, extend sleep by shaking phone, extend sleep by touching display, sleep at end of chapter • the chapter playback history notes when a new chapter has started, so coming back the next day you do know exactly when a chapter has been played and you can seek to a specific time which may be close to the time you fell asleep Now, you can just relax and listen to your favorite stories • Listen to multiple audiobooks in parallel • Full, automatic bookmarking for every book • Organized library and status display Multi Audiobook Player is the perfect companion for your audiobooks • Totally integrates with iPhone music player, enables you to utilize the 2x function there • Fast forward and backward scan mode support • Skip buttons with adjustable skip time • Zoomed seek mode to enable accurate seeking on large tracks • Current playback time per track and per whole audiobook • Plays all audio files that are supported on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Note: the books must be tagged as audiobook in iTunes! • Supports very large/long audio files • Supports large audiobook playlists If you’re looking for an easy and innovative audiobook player then the Multi Audiobook Player is the perfect App for you. Get your version of Multi Audiobook Player now. Note: Play speed control and enhanced chapter information is not possible for DRM protected audiobooks. Support: We are committed to maintain this application. If you see a problem with a special audiobook, please send us an EMail to info@gamopolis.com so that we can fix the issue. Please do not use the rating system as a one way bug report system - as we can not respond to bad ratings and help you to solve the problem. Visit us at: www.gamopolis.com Become a fan on Facebook: http://de-de.facebook.com/pages/Gamopolis-Games/100859689989233


Technical specifications

Version: 2.8

Size: 2.06 MB


Price: $ 1.09

Developed by Gamopolis

Day of release: 2012-03-10

Recommended age: 4+

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