Discontinued App


What can you get for a dollar nowadays? Only the best alarm clock app on the iPhone! Allows you to take multiple, uninterrupted snoozes! With MultiSnooze ...

Discontinued App


What can you get for a dollar nowadays? Only the best alarm clock app on the iPhone! Allows you to take multiple, uninterrupted snoozes! With MultiSnooze Alarm Clock App you will NEVER WAKE UP ANGRY AGAIN!! Download MultiSnooze Alarm Clock App and take multiple, uninterrupted snoozes, all without that pesky alarm going off every few minutes. You can awaken refreshed to music or the alarm, at the time you really want to get up. Click “...More” to learn why you should download MultiSnooze Alarm Clock App today! ............... Multisnooze Alarm Clock is legit “This app is awesome. When I think of all the times I've been interrupted by my snooze going off repeatedly I can't believe this hasn't been invented before. One of the good apps for sure.” - Stephanie smothy ............... Multi snooze “Great application. A true must have for everyone!” - Maplewoodboyz You just got back to sleep when that irritating alarm clock goes off again. Without even thinking, you throw your arm over and hit the snooze button on your clock for the third time. All you needed was fifteen more minutes of solid sleep but the alarm clock keeps waking you up every few minutes. You should get MultiSnooze. Mornings are so much happier with MultiSnooze Alarm Clock App. Just tap your iPhone as many times all at once as you would normally hit your snooze button then enjoy uninterrupted snoozing until it’s really time for you to get up. Set the final alarm to your iTunes playlist and you can even wake up to your favorite music and start your day with a song. The MultiSnooze Alarm Clock App is a feature rich, patented application that you will never regret downloading. It’s an alarm clock app with a twist that you’ll appreciate from the very first time you use it. You have different options for waking with this alarm clock app. Go ahead and shake or tap for uninterrupted snoozing, or use the gentle SoftWake to hear a one second chime as the alarm transitions from one snooze session to the next. MultiSnooze also lets you set a recurring alarm sound and gives you access to the stock song bank. Pick whichever method suits you for the very best waking experience. Do you and your mate have different wake times? No problem, just name your alarms so each of you can quickly and easily turn on the one you need. MultiSnooze Alarm Clock Applets you create and save thousands of different alarm settings, so you can set as many as you want. Have a look at some of the features you get in the MultiSnooze Alarm Clock App: * Easy to use, just tap to add or disable a feature * Displays time and date * Select the length of your snooze time anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes * Create thousands of alarm events * Banks thousands of snoozes * Just tap to set multiple snoozes all at once for uninterrupted sleep * Shake to snooze and recurring alarm sound options * If you prefer, wake to music from your own iTunes playlist or the stock song list * SoftWake option sounds a chime at each snooze interval * Ability to set and name your alarm * You never have to reach over and hit your snooze button again Start tomorrow morning the right way. Download MultiSnooze Alarm Clock App now and feel the difference this alarm clock is going to make. You’ll have a happier waking experience and that can affect your whole day.


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Version: 2.0

Size: 12.28 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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