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It works! This app is more effective for memorizing the times tables than games, flash cards, or drills. We make learning the multiplication tables stress ...

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It works! This app is more effective for memorizing the times tables than games, flash cards, or drills. We make learning the multiplication tables stress free! No homework battles, because your child learns while they drift off to sleep. Practice, encouragement, and motivation are built in for effective learning, long-term retention, retrieval, and recall of the times tables and multiplication facts. Enjoy stress free learning and gain more free time that might otherwise be spent teaching the times tables with flash cards, drills, games, or practicing with other multiplication table learning techniques. No more stress and tears. No more struggles practicing with math worksheets, multiplication charts and games, times table songs, endless times table drills, or multiplication skip counting repetitions. With our app, your child can know all their times tables by heart. They will be able to recall the times tables and won't need to calculate their multiplication facts on their fingers. Find out how Nightlight Learning can help you teach the times tables, free up more family time, and watch your child master the multiplication tables. Bring joy back to teaching and learning fundamental mathematics. Multiply Lite includes the three times tables, for free. Multiply 2 to 10 teaches the two to ten times tables. ____________________ BENEFITS Effective and easy memorization of the times tables and multiplication facts. Nightlight Learning apps are a great complement to your school’s math curriculum, because they: • Build confidence and motivation • Foster a positive attitude towards learning the times tables • Reduce homework stress for parents and students • Motivate students to learn and practice their times tables and multiplication facts ____________________ FEATURES The audio tracks built into each multiplication app make it easy and effective to teach, learn, and memorize the times tables. Each multiplication table audio track employs audio, visual, and tactile cues, through your child’s own imagination, to help students practice, learn, remember, memorize, and recall their multiplication table facts. Here’s how you can help teach your child to learn, remember, and memorize the times tables: 1. Follow your child’s bedtime routine and tuck them into bed. 2. Place headphones on your child. 3. Start the app, select a Times Table, and press Play. You’re done ‒ the learning, teaching, memorization, and recall of the times tables begins! During our recommended two week learning period, your child participates in at least 70 repetitions of a times table. ____________________ RECOMMENDATIONS "I couldn't have imagined teaching my child the multiplication tables would be this easy," says Tonya. “My daughter went through your seven times tables when she was in grade three. She loved listening to it. She nailed her multiplication tables in about two weeks, and even better, she showed a new enthusiasm for learning math” says Julie. “I spent too many miserable hours with flash cards trying to teach my first son to learn his times tables. I used the Nightlight Learning multiplication process for my second – way easier, and it worked! ” says Dave. “My son was struggling with his times tables and fought me on every trick in the book, games, flash cards, repetition writing etc. I was feeling guilty trying to add more school work onto an already long and frustrating day for him. We tried Nightlight Learning, he looked forward to listening to the app every night. What a great relief from the times table ‘battles’ we were having” says Kevin. _____________________ ABOUT PRIVACY Like you, our team at Nightlight Learning are parents too. Privacy and integrity are very important to us and that’s why Nightlight Learning Apps do not include third-party ads, or in-app purchases.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.03

Size: 38.99 MB


Price: 5,70 €

Developed by Nightlight Learning

Day of release: 2013-11-11

Recommended age: 4+

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