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BACK TO SCHOOL SALE! 50% OFF! 3rd place in the 2011 BestAppEverAwards - Best Middle School Student App! Multiplying Acorns is a fun and engaging way ...

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BACK TO SCHOOL SALE! 50% OFF! 3rd place in the 2011 BestAppEverAwards - Best Middle School Student App! Multiplying Acorns is a fun and engaging way to learn multiplication. It provides real-life manipulatives for hands-on learning to help your child memorize their times tables. The innovative reward system is designed to reinforce learned concepts and to keep the student motivated. Tokens earned provide the child with access to 3 fun mini-games which keeps them actively engaged. RECOMMENDED PRODUCT - 4.5 stars - "Underneath its shiny, animated 3D graphics lies a top of the line multiplication application for children. The parental controls and statistics adds an element not offered in many apps." 4.5 stars, excellent apps - "One of my favorite things about the Tasty Math Facts series of apps is the healthy combination of fun and learning. Kids will love the fuzzy squirrel mascot and the app’s focus on positive reinforcement. Parents will love the option to create three different user profiles for multiple children, clear statistic reports and option to tailor the game to each child’s specific needs." Top Favorite! - "Multiplying Acorns HD is another top fun educational app joining our top Favorite. It is very well designed, highly interactive and engaging. It offers a unique hands-on approach that truly helps and support independent learning." Overall Rating 5/5 - "Multiplying Acorns is a great tool to introduce children to the concept of multiplication. The ability to practice repeatedly in a low-stress, exploratory environment really helps to build confidence with the visual support of the acorn manipulative." LEARN HOW TO: 
• Multiply from 1×1 up to 9×9 • Visualize multiplication and grouping concepts • Understand multiplication conceptually

 • Rolling and picking up acorns • Playing with gold coins • Following Squirrely’s directions • Earning a gold coin for each correct answer 
• Working towards 3 different trophies 
• Cracking the acorns open while counting them (individually by tapping or every acorn with the equals key)
 • Set the highest number to practice, e.g. up to 4×4
 • Automatic clear and multiply keys - On/Off 
 • Music - On/Off • Check off used numbers to encourage diverse addition problems or leave free after use for flexibility and repeated practice Use With Multiple Children: • Create up to three accounts for multiple children
 • Saves statistics and trophies for each child 
• Check statistics for all children at a glance in the start menu
 • Customize and save settings for each child Additional Statistics for Teachers/Parents: • Number of correct answers • Number of incorrect answers • Overall accuracy • Historical accuracy displayed for each trophy 

 Look for these additional apps in the Tasty Math Facts series: Adding Apples HD Subtracting Sardines HD • iOS 9 compatible 
• All iPads Recommended Ages: 4-7, 8-10, 11-12, parents PRIVACY DISCLOSURE “Multiplying Acorns HD”: - Does not collect or share any personal data. - Does not contain any ads. - Does not contains In App Purchases


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1.1

Size: 18.8 MB


Price: 2,47 €

Developed by Marcel Widarto

Day of release: 2011-11-11

Recommended age: 4+

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