Mummys Club (Ochazukenori)

MUMMY'S CLUB (Ochazukenori) The creaking sound of the penhead.. and the drippings of the ink... We are going to revive and deliver the forbidden short ...

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MUMMY'S CLUB (Ochazukenori) The creaking sound of the penhead.. and the drippings of the ink... We are going to revive and deliver the forbidden short stories of the wizard of the horror comic world , Ochazukenori , in series. This is a director's cut version. Which Ochazukenori who had been a rage of the time by his depiction of relentless unmerciful savages.. had directed by his own. The first shot is going to be these 3 pieces. " Mummy's Club " " Baron Bug series" and "Grandmother's Doll " In every story the rosebuds get trapped in absurd horror one right after another... Be sure to get ready yourself to read these stories ,,, otherwise if you're not aware.. you might get trapped into the absurd horror and get traumatized!!!! We hope you to try of these masterpieces written and drawn in pathologically nervous thin streak and add into your MANGA collections. INTRODUCTION OCHAZUKENORI is born in Kanagawa Japan in 1960. He made a debut in 1984 with his first issue "Seirei-Tou"(SPIRITS ISLAND) Since then he is producing many of creepy psycotic horror magazines out in world. His combination of sensible but psycotic pathological thready touch and the beautiful rosebuds....draw us into his psycotic horror world and he gained a lot of big fans. His works are such as " Sangekikan"(HORROR CASTLE) series which is his best known work. "TVO" series , "Baron Bug" series and more. He had directed "OCHAZUKENORI'S Sangekikan (HORROR CASTLE)" A live-action film of his best known magazine in 2009. HOW TO USE How to shift the page. You can shift the page by swiping or by tapping left or right side of the screen. Menu screen Touch the screen for a second and the menu tab is going to be displayed on the bottom of your screen. Menu tab You can switch your screen to a normal mode and to a spread (two facing pages) and it goes back to the book cover. You can find a button for translation. Touch this button and the selection dial for the languages is going to be displayed. Then you select which language you want to be translated and touch the OK button. While you are using translation mode , you can move the pages only by swiping to move the pages. The translated sentences moves only by tapping the screen.


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