“MusicPlayAlong” is an unprecedented social networking platform for musicians with innovative and powerful tools to provide a revolutionary practice ...

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“MusicPlayAlong” is an unprecedented social networking platform for musicians with innovative and powerful tools to provide a revolutionary practice experience. Whether you are a beginner, amateur player or professional musician, “MusicPlayAlong” is the solution to practicing your instrument. The most tedious part of learning an instrument is practicing at home by yourself. Having a hard time trying getting friends together to practice? Accompanists too expensive to afford? “MusicPlayAlong” is the solution to your practice needs - it is a personal accompanist dedicated to you wherever you go. Key Features: *Music Play-Along Professionally recorded play-along tracks (unlike most downloadable MIDI files on the internet), which allow you to mute any individual instrument at any time, and enjoy your practice session like never before. It’s a Karaoke machine for your instrument! This innovative tool will take music learning to a whole new level, and provide an experience that will change the way you practice. *Adjustable Playing Tempo Feel the need to slow down the tempo when you practice? MusicPlayAlong has the perfect solution for you. The “adjustable tempo” function allows you to slow down the play-along track to your desirable tempo. This capability will enable an easier and more efficient way to learn fast and complicated pieces. *Touch and Play Digital cursor follows along with the music. No matter which page or bar you are at, just touch the screen and the music will play instantly from there. It is easy, and simply magic! *Customized Repeat Section Practicing often requires repetition. Using our touch function, you can set the start and end point anywhere in the music and just practice the selected section repeatedly. This is great for those tricky and difficult passages that you’re trying to master! *Metronome Every piece of music is embedded with humanized metronome that will guide you through tempo changes with ease. *Auto-Flip Auto-Flip function will automatically turn the page for you at the end of the page, and even at repeat signs. You can now enjoy practicing without being interrupted with page turns. *Music Tracer MusicPlayAlong has a built-in music tracer that will guide you through the music during playback. This is especially useful for beginners who are just starting to read music notations. The Music Tracer function can be turned off when you no longer need its assistance in reading music. *Personalized Digital Score There are numerous styles of digital scores to choose from. You can use those that suit your taste to personalize your music pieces. *Easy Search Function You can find a title by using a combination of keywords, such as composer, genre, style, instrument, difficulty level and publisher. Integrating top quality music accompaniment products in the world, “MusicPlayAlong” provides a variety of choices from classical music, jazz, pop to religious music. We produce music to suit the needs of every instrument with beautifully designed music scores.


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