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iOS version of WebLogon system for authenticating local devices for Web access WebLogon is an authentication system for the Web. It utilizes local devices ...

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iOS version of WebLogon system for authenticating local devices for Web access WebLogon is an authentication system for the Web. It utilizes local devices as authentication tokens for the web access by all browsers supporting JavaScript. This program enables iOS devices authenticated by WebLogon system. Web sites for iOS have to rely on username/password authentication to allow accesses to restricted pages. But username/password are not considered safe, especially when the restricted pages contain information that must be secured. WebLogon authentication system along with this program does away with unsafe username/password authentication. iOS users can gain Web access with their iOS devices as the authentication tokens. Only users with those iOS devices, registered and authorized for use by the authentication servers, can access protected pages on the sites protected by WebLogon. 1. You are asked for PIN entry before starting iOS device authentication. Entering 4-5 digits numbers are much easier than complex passwords, especially so on mobile devices with software keyboards. Yet, WebLogon is a more secure way of authentication. No PIN entry configuration is possible. 2. iOS device authentication can work in parallel with username/password authentication. Secured Web site can require username/password entry before starting the device authentication or may prompt for username/password after iOS device has been authenticated. 3. WebLogon with MxWeb removes a lot of burdens off site operators. MxWeb can register the device it is running on, WebLogon issues PIN automatically and users are free to change PIN at any time. Ask the users to download MxWeb and register their iOS devices. Site operators just authorize the registration for use. Nothing to register manually at the server side, nothing to distribute to users and support free. WebLogon is originally for authenticating security USB keys connected on client PCs. The concept is that you must have a valid key to gain access to restricted sites and, if you have one, you can use it on whatever PCs for secure access. The only deployment condition is, on client PC sides, a program must be running that brokers between Web and USB key (local resource) . MxWeb for iOS is a broker between Web and iOS device and enables iOS devices authenticated by Web servers. iOS devices, especially iPhone, are more suited to identify users than USB keys and are ideal authentication tokens. With this addition of iOS client, Web sites can be secured on iOS in the same way as on PCs by WebLogon. The same authentication server can authenticate USB Keys and iOS devices. Secure sites uses WebLogon as a Web service. Login pages on the sites secured by WebLogon just call WebLogon authentication server. Once devices are authenticated, a success page will received the success notification from WebLogon. When you install MxWeb for iOS, you can access our demo server and test out WebLogon for free. If you decide to use WebLogon, we will set up a commercial authentication server for use only by you. You pay annual subscription fee for each device registered at the authentication server. If you so wish, you can set up your own authentication server. In this case, you use non-free MxWeb Business version.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.00.5

Size: 2.22 MB


Price: 0,00 €


Day of release: 2012-12-17

Recommended age: 4+

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