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Personal My Finance AA+ App design and develop to help you track all your finance account, income and your daily expenses. The main different of Personal ...

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Personal My Finance AA+ App design and develop to help you track all your finance account, income and your daily expenses. The main different of Personal Finance + is the app can easy overview your total finance by different standard and professional report. You can track everything from your incomes -> accounts -> expenses and generate professional reports by single click. We think and design faster and easy input interface to add/edit/delete your income, account, budget and expense records. (E.g. input your expense is faster and fun). We trust this app will help everybody easy to manage well of their finance and wealth. KEY Features Type/Category - Create/Edit/Delete many type/category for account, budget, income and expense as you want (e.g. wallet, bills, and installment type) - A lot of good icons integrated - Sorting of Type/Category Account - Support Asset and Liability account - Create/Edit/Delete account - Immediate transaction summary for every account - Transfer amount to different account - Sorting of accounts Budget - Support status bar to indicate remaining budget status. - Support auto recursive budget Income - Support different type of income (e.g. earned income, portfolio income and passive income) - Create/Edit/Delete income - Support auto recursive income - Payee from income Expense - Support fixed expenses, variable expenses and also your liability expenses - Create/Edit/Delete expense - Support auto recursive expense with auto rollover amount feature - Support partial expenses. Overview - Summary of your finance balance, 6 months trend of budgets, incomes and expenses by bar graph and line graph. Auto Recursive - One time setup for auto recursive to auto tracking your new income, budget and expense (E.g. Setup your monthly liability bill into expenses transaction, monthly salary to your income transaction). - Alarm reminder support for each auto recursive income, budget and expense added. Professional personal finance report with PDF format provide (All report information is automatic generate and no need extra information provide) - Balance Sheet Report - Income and Expense Statement Report - Budget Statement Report - Transaction Report - Income Transaction Report - Expense Transaction Report - Budget Transaction Report You may export all PDF reports by email. Backup - Backup your incomes and expenses monthly (improve performance) - Reset/delete all your records Customize your background image with pre-defined several backgrounds. More function such as map/geo-location, password protection, auto installment/interest (for generate cash flow report), integrate your online currency and your stocks will develop by upcoming version. You may email us at for support. You may browse to for more details.


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Version: 1.2.0

Size: 17.26 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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