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** this premium version is free of all ads ** If you want to make your baby happy in no time, then 'My Baby Friend' is the perfect application for you! ...

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** this premium version is free of all ads ** If you want to make your baby happy in no time, then 'My Baby Friend' is the perfect application for you! It’s prepared especially for young children from one to four years old. Simple, vibrant and effective, 'My Baby Friend' combines adorable graphics and sounds with pictures of familiar toys and accessories. Tickle 'your little baby' by touching their belly and listen to their infectious giggle. Your own baby will have no choice but to laugh along. Interact with 'little baby' by giving them a toy rattle, bottle, dummy or diaper, 'little baby' will give you hints as to what they need. If your baby reacts strongly to the crying feature, you can simply disable it by clicking on the item in the top left corner. "My Baby Friend" is a very cute interactive experience to share with your baby. Think of it as a rattle toy that will give you the chance to teach valuable lessons in terms of vocabulary and motion coordination. Its colourful and beautiful interface along with nice sound effects will immediately draw all attention, besides it has been designed to provide easy access and fluid navigation. The character on the screen will spontaneously react to different situations and it is up to you to make him happy. In order to do so you count with a bunch of cute interesting items, like a rattle for example, that will help you accomplish the task. Find out what each one of them does and you'll be surprised! One advice though, try not to upset him or he will desperately burst in tears forcing you to find another toy and make him happy again. So if he asks for a rattle you should probably give him the rattle, it may sound simple but your baby will love it. We live in a modern fast-paced technological world so let's face it: modern times require we play the role of modern parents. Recent studies have shown that very young kids are capable of learning at amazing speed rates while engaged on certain activities like playing with a toy. The emergence of new and more powerful mobile devices has proven to be no exception regarding both learning and entertainment. So if you happen to be a parent looking for additional activities to bond with your son or daughter, or if you're just his/her favourite relative wondering how to make him laugh this time, then this game app is just for you! To play this game just download it from the store and launch it. After that everything is as easy as dragging objects and dropping them over. You'll find is very easy to use, even for your baby who could use the game alone as toy with proper adult supervision. The app features three cute different themes to choose from. A basic theme with different wallpaper backgrounds, a Christmas theme and a garden theme. Each one has different set of items and actions. While you're playing on the basic theme you will be able to use a rattle, a bottle, a diaper and a pacifier. But if you change to the Christmas theme you'll find a bell, a candy cane, a Santa Claus hat and a surprise present. In the garden theme however the usable items consist of a plant, a rake, a watering can and a shovel and they can be used to perform different activities. Feel free to change the look of the character any time. There are countless combination of clothing, cute costumes and add-on stuff to wear. So if you feel the sun is to bright outside you could make the character wear sunglasses or instead wear a pair of gloves if you think the baby is too cold. One of the greatest advantages is that you will be helping your child play a healthy game to develop early coordination abilities, fine motor skills, learn new words, new colours and above all have fun while increasing knowledge. Although it was designed for children between 0 and 4 years old this app can be used by anyone with no age or language restriction.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.1

Size: 13.58 MB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by Michal Moczynski

Day of release: 2012-01-31

Recommended age: 4+

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