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Spring Special Pricing on this award winning game. Featuring stunning high-res images, amazing bird songs and calls from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. From ...

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Spring Special Pricing on this award winning game. Featuring stunning high-res images, amazing bird songs and calls from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. From the creators of the award-winning app, My Bird World, here's the second learning game: My Birds of Prey!  Co-produced with Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this stunning collection of four different games has multiple levels of difficulty to challenge people of all ages. Play two games to win birds of prey and place them in different habitats. Then play two more games to win food for your birds! Each time you feed a bird, you’ll discover a new fact about it and hear its call. Learn over 400 raptor facts as you play. Two in-app purchase modules allow you to add up to 10 new birds to your game. The new birds come with an additional 250 fun facts! ********************************************** Rave reviews for the Five Ravens collection of bird learning apps: “With these intriguing and fun challenges, learn about North American birds, including their songs, food choices, and habitats. The game is filled with fascinating facts, real bird calls, and great photos!”  – Nancy Trautman, Director of Education, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology  “..was a unanimous vote of awesomeness by a group of students...all agreed that this app is the best they had played ever!”   – “ ..lush interactive bird learning app... the photographs are gorgeous and the bird songs are real...intuitive and you’ll learn fast.”    – “It’s great for children, but plenty of adults are getting hooked on it too.”    – The Miami Herald “These are happy birds - and they want to help you learn!”   – Seattle Times ********************************************** Play four games in this one app: • Memory – Play this favorite game in different ways: Find matching pairs of bird images or match birds with their calls, at varying levels of difficulty. • Flight Patterns – Watch closely to track flying birds and find the raptor that has the prey. Levels of difficulty range from lazy soaring to speedy flight. • Match Facts – Test your bird knowledge...or look for clues and make good guesses! • Infestation Predation – Act fast to find the right bird to keep an Infestation of mice, lizards, snakes and other prey at bay!  Keep playing until you’ve won all the birds of prey in the game.  ********************************************** Features:  Learn about hawks, eagles, owls, kites, condors and other birds of prey! Collect the Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Snowy Owl, Osprey, Great Horned Owl, Golden Eagle, California Condor, and many more! • Place your raptors in five beautiful habitats – field, cliff, river, woods, and marsh – and move them from one habitat to another to see where each bird likes to nest and hunt.  • The app includes 30 spectacular photographs of 15 species, seen flying and in close-up. • Stunning bird calls are from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s world-famous Macaulay Library, the largest collection of natural sounds.  • The app's four games teach a variety of learning skills: memory, reading, sound and visual pattern recognition, and bird identification.  This amazing, fully interactive app was co-produced by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the bird-loving educational team at Five Ravens, the digital division of Birdcage Press.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.2

Size: 72.57 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by box2

Day of release: 2012-03-15

Recommended age: 4+

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