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ChannelLink is a Digital Content Sharing application that allows you to manage and share sales and marketing materials, videos and other documents within ...

Discontinued App


ChannelLink is a Digital Content Sharing application that allows you to manage and share sales and marketing materials, videos and other documents within your organization and with your channel partners. You control intra-company and channel partner access to your information and can also manage information published to you by your channel partners. Your sales and marketing content and content shared by your channel partners are accessible through a web portal and mobile apps for iPad, and iPhone. Documents, images, videos and other materials are all managed through a dynamic admin web interface. User Interface ●Turns your mobile device into a dynamic sales presentation tool. ●Items are organized by industry categories, company folders, brand and date for multiple search options. ●Items can be viewed online, flag it as a Favorite or Downloaded for offline access. ●Annotation can be enabled to allow more dynamic presentation of the information. ●Email forwarding can be enabled for timely delivery of information to a customer. For Manufacturers ●Provide access to all materials used to market and sell your products: sales collateral and other documents, program information, product images, merchandising materials, videos, etc. ●Manage access and user options for your content on an item by item basis within your organization and/or specified channel partners. ●Manage the distribution of revised or new material s to all channel partners through a single process. ●Provide up-to-date territory and contact information for your sales team ●Save on printing and shipping costs. ●Monitor usage metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of each item and purge or replace as needed. ●Utilize the latest technology with a reduced and predictable annual expense. For Distributors and Retailers ●Mobile-enable your sales team. ●Confidentially manage intra-company documents and content within your organization. ●Subscribe to and manage manufacturer content for the products you sell. ●Monitor how information is being utilized throughout your organization. ●Share an internal personnel directory within your organization Product Training ●Custom dynamic quiz functions can be created and the results measured. ●Accommodates single presentations or modular university type formats. ●Presentation content can be PowerPoint, YouTube, PDF or other digital media ●Incentive integration: Gift cards, branded premium gifts, or points toward a larger gift Signable Docs ●Execute and manage signable documents and forms, i.e. program commitments, stocking order agreements, authorization forms, etc. ●Signable Docs are created on the fly in a dynamic web interface or you can add fields and signature capability to existing docs. ●As forms are generated and signed, the documents are stored in a database for easy retrieval and management. For more information on the web interface and administrative control, contact support@mychannellink.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.54

Size: 9.42 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Focus Technology Group Inc.

Day of release: 2013-04-23

Recommended age: 4+

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