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Club Chauffeur allows you to order on-demand high-end limos with experienced drivers at discount prices in Paris. Club Chauffeur is the first platform ...

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Club Chauffeur allows you to order on-demand high-end limos with experienced drivers at discount prices in Paris. Club Chauffeur is the first platform to offer full electric cars in Paris, and is expanding on this segment with half of its fleet being full electric: after the launch of Mia Electric vehicles in March '13, Club Chauffeur is introducing, beginning in September '13, the Nissan Leaf, the first best-selling full electric car in the world. Club : noun [kloeb] limo with driver at discount prices Ordering your private ride is just one-click away: pinpoint your position on the map or fill in you address, choose your club category, and click on « Order a club », the system will automatically allocate you the nearest driver. Full electric cars are the cheapest of all vehicles available on the Club Chauffeur Platform: - Mia Electric (Club Zero category), a French automaker, with plants located near Poitiers in Poitou-Charentes, has built a compact electric car with an original interior and exterior design - Nissan (Club Electro category) is the world leader in full electric vehicles, with its Nissan Leaf combining a full electric experience with a high level of comfort for the passenger You will be able to monitor your club as it travels to your position, as well as to communicate with your driver at any time, by chat or phone call You won’t pay a dime during the approach of your club! When the club arrives at rendezvous point, you will be charged by the minute, at a very low price (beginning at €0.70/min for Club Zero - Mia Electric, 100% electric cars, €0.80/min for Club Electro - Nissan Leaf, 100% electric cars, €0.90/min for Club Classic - sedans, €1.00/min for Club Luxe - luxury sedans) Once the vehicle at rendezvous point, and all along your journey, you will be able to control and track in real-time both your position and the fare as well as to tip your driver. When you arrive at destination, the fare and the tip (if applicable) are automatically charged to your credit card. We accept all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diners Club), and you just need to enter it once, when you register. Club Chauffeur is offering a high-end service (private driver, security guaranteed, quality and ecologic cars, experienced driver) with half of its cars being full electric (Mia Electric, Nissan Leaf) at discount prices (no dispatch fees, service charged by the minute at a very low rate, beginning at €0.70/min) at the tip of your fingers (real-time position tracking of the limo and of the fare, no cash needed as the fare and the tip is charged automatically on your credit card at the end of your journey). Learn more on our website https://www.clubchauffeur.com


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