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The Original: My Days - Period & Ovulation ™-- I ❤ MyDays -- Really!Track & predict your period, ovulation and fertility.
Your menstrual ...

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The Original: My Days - Period & Ovulation ™-- I ❤ MyDays -- Really!Track & predict your period, ovulation and fertility.
Your menstrual calendar for young and older women.Features include:
⦿ Calendar
⦿ Password
⦿ Notification for coming Period & Ovulation !!
⦿ Multi User support
⦿ Multiple languages (en,de,it,es,fr,cn,tw)
⦿ Add personal info regarding birth control; notes, intercourse, pill, ..
⦿ eMail History to yourself or your Doctor
⦿ Backup
⦿ Basal metabolic temperature (BMT) Chart
⦿ 4 Widgets
⦿ Customizable colorsUserComments:
* "its the only tracker that even predicts my Irregular period right "
* Love It After 2 Months Of Using I Got Pregnant WiT My Baby Boy, Hes 4 Months Old Now.
* Great Help This app is awesome. It keeps me on track and there are no surprises.MyDays is the perfect and simplest Calendar for every woman.
(not just for women, many men find MyDays useful for understand their partner's cycle, too)- Please feel free to send me an email with any concerns, problems or
suggestions: androchris
I will answer all your questions ASAP.
I can't answer directly in the Android Market. Thank you!
Information, Hints & Tips:- Get the Pro Version to disable all Advertisements!
Check the "About" page for more Infos.- Info about Permissions:
Internet Access: To enable "Web based Community Chat"
Call Status: To disable Ads while Calling
Shortcuts: To allow Shortcuts "AFTER" u requested one.
No automatic setting of Shortcuts!
Bookmarks: See Shortcuts
Contacts: To share an Ad-Information "AFTER" u requested to do.
Location: To get better individualist Advertisings in the free Version.
Thank youYour 5-star ratings keep me working!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.42

Size: 2.5 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Christian Albert Mueller

Comments about My Days

*We won´t use your data for marketing purposes, we only need to check your email

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