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Dual passwords design -Main password and Ghost (Decoy) password,protect your private information, and they can be set to any combination of letters and ...

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Dual passwords design -Main password and Ghost (Decoy) password,protect your private information, and they can be set to any combination of letters and numbers, even a sentence. Using Apple‘s most secure keychain service in this app, your passwords are very safe, and they are stored in the keychain of your device's operating system separately. Password login screen will be activated automatically whenever your devices are left in the following states,such as lock screen, home button pressed, any phone calls, SMS and wake up Clock etc. More features as follows, ... Login with ghost password doesn't show any information protected by main password, but both cases do have the same major functions except for settings priority. ... Support for creation, deletion, copy, cut, paste,replace,search,undo(in edit mode,show up by shaking your devices) of notes. ... Support for automatic note's name creation based on contents. ... Support clipboard feature, very convenience to import text data directly from other Apps via copy/paste. ... Powerful search capabilities for any texts in the entire database. ... Multiple English fonts option. ... Up to 10 kinds of background colour to choose. ... Font Size options. ... Export notes via Email. ... Support flip effect between notes. ... Support portrait and landscape modes for browse and edit. ... Data Type Detector(DTD) ON/OFF switch (DTD-ON/DTD-OFF), when it is on, automatically identifying telephone numbers, addresses,websites,email,time etc.. In browse mode, press and hold the corresponding highlight texts, the action sheet would show up, you can call a contact ,add contacts,email,go to Internet and map etc.. ... In browse mode, if Data Type Detector(DTD) is ON and need to enter edit mode, just press and hold the corresponding content location,after flashing cursor shows up, double-click , the cursor can jump directly to a specified location. If OFF, click any location one time to enter edit mode. ... Automatic data saving during edit if interrupted by any events(such as incoming call,message,wake up clock,home button pressed,back button etc. . ... Be compatible with iPhone5 full screen. For users who have upgraded to this version : Please transfer your notes from the free version to this paid version via copy/paste, maximum 3 notes,very simple. All your data are safe and out there in the old app. This is not an in-app purchase app, totally two different apps,no relationship with each other at all, thanks for your understanding. Notes This app is an off-line security app, the main password is the only proof that can identify who is the real owner,very important, and it is stored in your device instead of this app,nobody else can touch it, very safe, it is your liability to remember it and never forget it.


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