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My Scans for Business

My Scans For Business is a multipage scanner for documents, contracts, receipts, notes, whiteboards and other paper documents. Quick, easy and handy ...

Discontinued App


My Scans For Business is a multipage scanner for documents, contracts, receipts, notes, whiteboards and other paper documents. Quick, easy and handy user interface will help you save time, and stay organized. More than 5 million My Scans users worldwide! My Scans for Business will help you to: - Use your iPhone or iPad as a advanced scanner - Turn any photo into searchable document - Automatically align, correct shadows, change perspective for best scanner results - Import PDF documents from email and make them searchable. - Stay organized and save time - Have all documents always accessible where ever you go. - Name your documents and folders. - Organize scanned documents into folders - Rename, sort, tag with colors document and folders - Merge documents - Export single or multiple documents to photo library - Print document or share it by email - Send it to your favorite cloud app (DropBox, Box, SugarSync, ...) - Email single document or entire folder to colleague, friend, doctor, contractor... TIPS for BEST SCANNER RESULTS - Always place document on flat and normal light surface - Take photo of whole document - For best auto edge detection place document on non white surface We recommend you to use My Scans for Business on iPod Touch 5, iPhones 5, iPad 3 or newer devices. My Scans for Business will run on older devices, but since camera has lower resolution the results are not the best. If you need iCloud support and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) we suggest that you download My Scans PRO. We're constantly improving My Scans, and we value our customer opinion and feedback. If you want to send us your feedback or have a problem with our software, please contact us at support@sis.si before submitting a comment to the App Store. Remember that we can solve most of the problems, but we can not respond to comments on App Store. Testimonials: - Super handy app. Scan sharpness and searching within documents are brilliant! - My Scans Rocks!!! - I am extremely satisfied with my ability to take a picture of physical mail documents with my iPhone, and within seconds, have access to the scanned document on my iPad for reading and storage. I can immediately shared just about every document I receive in the mail and have the copies on my iPad for easy emailing, personal reference, and backup. I truly have a paperless household and love it, so convenient. - My Scans for Business is THE app for paperless office. Turn your paper documents into searchable documents instantly. - My Scans for Business uses the best and smart algorithms which help you with converting your paperwork into e-document business. We are using advanced OCR technology and we made My Scans easy, responsive and with time saver features. TAGS: document, scanner, receipt, pdf, business, image, scan, picture, office, OCR, print, dropbox, paperless, email, text, photo, capture, camera, rtf, doc, sign, stamp, edit, annotate, note, page, sheet, letter, paper, MFP, archive, work, collaborate, translate, pen, reader, invoice, fax, receipt, search, best, app


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Version: 1.18

Size: 35.04 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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