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A first to market real estate game-changer! PREDICT THE DIFFICULTY OF A SHORT SALE, and manage your business in the palm of your hand. “My Short Sale ...

Discontinued App


A first to market real estate game-changer! PREDICT THE DIFFICULTY OF A SHORT SALE, and manage your business in the palm of your hand. “My Short Sale Score” is the most powerful short sale tool the market has to offer. It gives an professional or homeowner to ability to find out if a short sale is going to be easy or hard before its started. And its all based on a business management platform for all of your short sales - save and store critical factors along the way. Its a short sale expert and assistant in the palm of your hand - a capability that is unprecedented both in impact and mobility. This powerful app has been exclusively designed for the iphone and ipad and works on the iCloud, so you have the ability for your data to sync between all of your devices! Key Features: •Score and save as many short sale properties that you want. Does it get an A, B, C, D or F! Is your favorite lender part of our model? •Report: the ability to generate a customized detailed report about each property you score. Know what you are up against! •Property Owner Info: the ability to save multiple owners contact info for each property. •Organization: Agents, get the ability to file your properties in categories. •One click "find me" address entry. •Notes: Need to take and organize unlimited notes? forget paper you'll have the ability to take a store notes. •Audio: Need to take audio notes or record a listing appointment? Forget that clunky tape recorder, the capability is available in the app! •Pictures: Agents, hate taking marketing pictures with your camera, having to hook up your camera to your computer to save them, then trying to figure out which pictures belong to which house? Not anymore with an in-app upgrade, send them over email or sync with Dropbox with a touch of the screen. •Map: Forget where the property is? Map it! •Need help negotiating or need more tools - just a click away. •Facebook: Show off all of your listing activity by posting the short sale score to your social circles. •And yes...never lose a thing with the ability to sync with iCloud. Make a change on your iPhone and it shows up on your iPad! Statistics: •2000 short sale transactions analyzed and 17 key criteria extracted. •Risk and variables were associated with those criteria and a the 2000 transactions were "scored" and assessed against actual results. •When the scoring convention was perfected the model was put through over 100,000 Monte Carlo simulations •A statistical model, standard deviations with a 97% confidence interval was established. •The model was overlayed with an educational scoring convention to come up with grading ranges for A's, B's, C's, D's and F's. •When the market changes the statistical model changes, you'll always be on the cutting edge! Agents! Picture your typical short sale listing appointment today...the paper, the notes and wheres that short sale flyer I printed out? Not any more. After you download this app and save your first property your business will fundamentally change forever. •Imagine having all of that information on one device, synced and saved on the iCloud (so it will show up on your other devices). •Take Marketing photos, send them to Dropbox and have your assistant working on MLS and property fliers even before you get back to the office! •The possibilities are endless. My Short Sale Score is revolutionizing the short sale industry for professionals and homeowners across the nation. We hope you make the small investment and be sure to always keep this tool updated so you have the industries cutting edge wisdom. When the market data changes the statistical model changes!


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