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The MyBillPosters app is a ‘must have` for anyone who wants to find out what`s happening locally: events, items for sale, community ...

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The MyBillPosters app is a ‘must have’ for anyone who wants to find out what’s happening locally: events, items for sale, community news and offers. By ‘locally’ we mean from a radius of half kilometer from your location-making it easy to target people within walking distance. MyBillPosters for iPhone app lets you promote, sell and inform. Most posts are free. This easy way to design and post makes promotion to your Neighbourhood effective and inexpensive. MyBillPosters app offers three user groupings allowing the ability to customise posts to a specific audience: Power to the Neighbourhood! - Ever tried to advertise locally? What are your options? Flyers, Posters, Windscreen notes? Use a free MyBillPosters announcement to market to your neighbours, simply, efficiently and sustainably. Local business needs local customers - You are super busy and time poor. Marketing to locals is a great way to build business. Trouble is, traditional methods are expensive and might not always reach your customers. MyBillPosters is the effective way to make your marketing work. Bringing Communities together - How can you promote community events and information? Flyers, newsletters, wall posters? These are expensive and difficult to target. MyBillPosters is a free way to keep your resident communities aware and informed.


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Version: 1.0.2

Size: 13.41 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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