Tracking your Bitcoins value? Now it`s possible by using this new app! You can check the order book and the transactions on (also ...

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Tracking your Bitcoins value? Now it’s possible by using this new app! You can check the order book and the transactions on (also those of your Bitstamp account). Bitcoin (BTC) is the most widespread electronic currency in the world, created to be independent, safe and anonymous. No authority can change its value, but there are online markets where to purchase and sell this electronic currency which make us know the exact value of it. is one of the most important online markets and this new app allows you to check all main information at once. App contents: - First page: the daily highest and lowest value in dollars, the last exchange value, the lowest supply and the highest demand, the currency exchange volume in Bitcoin, euro/dollar exchange rate applied by and their reserves in dollars. - Second page: the whole order book of, with all supplies and demands (listed by price). - Third page: last transactions with a real-time graph showing Bitcoin price variations. - Fourth page: your last transactions (you can set your customer ID and password on Settings). New functions will be added soon thanks to your suggestions (you can write them here on Reviews). Give this app many stars to support its development! For further information on Bitcoin visit Thanks to Davide Florentino for the app icon's graphical design and to Vanessa Ninotti for translations.


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