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MyPlog - My Personal Log Today`s handhelds are powerful tools that can store and access a lot of information of almost any kind. Since we depend ...

Discontinued App


MyPlog - My Personal Log Today’s handhelds are powerful tools that can store and access a lot of information of almost any kind. Since we depend on these devices so much, how are we supposed to manage it all? MyPlog is the first step in a new way of thinking about organizing and managing the information on our handheld devices. MyPlog can be as simple as a personal journal or log. Use it to record thoughts and ideas of any kind, but as a tool, you can quickly use it to organize any information you choose to enter. Think of MyPlog as a relational information manager. All you need to do is create notes. You can let them accumulate as standalone journal entries, or augment and organize them by entering tags.. Simply enter a “hashtag” wherever you want. MyPlog will keep track and link your notes in a cross-referenced manner. The notes are automatically saved, and you can currently access them from two key views: Timeline and Tag List. You can edit the tags from within the notes, or from the Tag List, which has all your correlated information in one place. All changes are propagated throughout all affected notes. From the Timeline view, you can easily search your stash of information, and access anything as quickly as possible. Because MyPlog is a work in progress, we plan on adding features that refine the relational information management strategy of this app. We have a list of features that we plan on rolling out as quickly as possible, some even on a monthly basis. Here is what we see as the value-added features that will be coming your way: 1.0 - add reminders to notes 1.1 - show a list of reminders 2.0 - sync with iCloud and thereby sync to other devices 3.0 - export and sync to GDrive 4.0 - export and sync to DropBox 5.0 - change the state of a note into a task 5.1 - maintain a list of tasks We also know that good product and good service are the backbone of good customer relationships. We will keep an eye out for any bugs that may, or may not, be service affecting. But we need your help too. Let us know through your feedback, any thoughts on added features, issues that need to be addressed, and requests for prioritization. You can do that from within the Settings view; we want to make it as easy as possible to contact us. Now that we are introducing MyPlog to the app world, we are soliciting any early adopters to take advantage of our lower introductory pricing. This includes upgrades to the above listed feature additions; there is no incremental cost to you. It’s our wish that you early adopters assist us with your feedback in making MyPlog as robust and integrated as possible. If you choose to wait, that’s not really a problem, but because of our strategic direction, we believe that the value of MyPlog is a bit more once our planned feature sets are fully realized. Therefore, we plan on incrementally increasing the purchase price as major features become available. Because of our flexibility, you get to choose when you want to join the MyPlog family. You can jump in early and help shape some of its development, or wait until a more comfortable point to take advantage of what MyPlog can do for you.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.1

Size: 5.87 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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