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MyStockSize-Lite is an all new app for managing your stock inventory in a very detailed manner. The app is available for IPHONE, IPOD(Touch) & IPad. ...

Discontinued App


MyStockSize-Lite is an all new app for managing your stock inventory in a very detailed manner. The app is available for IPHONE, IPOD(Touch) & IPad. MyStockSize-Lite is a standalone mobile app that uses a SQLite database within the app which stores the entire user’s data, which is accessible anytime. Some of the excellent features that make this app unique have been included as; Features: Inventory Management Writing Ledger Viewing Reports Entering Delivery for Stock Photo Album Inventory Management This app gives a user liberty to first fill up the stock in his unit. Once that is done the user can add the products that are manufactured in the unit. Now with the help of Inventory Management feature, the user can identify the maximum products that can be made with the available stock that has been entered in the app. This gives a fair idea of the maximum quantity. This is enhanced with sub features like defining a product or a component with images and the no of quantity. So the complete manufacturing unit can be handled on a mobile app. Writing Ledger Once the inventory has been entered a user can now enter the complete transactions that have been done with a particular client. The complete transaction record can be entered in terms of debit or credit. The ledger also shows the result of the transactions so a user can know if his company is in profit or loss. Viewing Reports After maintaining the whole ledger record, a user can now view these reports client specific or as a complete report. This feature further gives the user an option to view these reports Date wise, Monthly or Yearly. This way a user will know all transactions done for a particular client. Enter Delivery for Stock This feature enhances a user to enter the stock that has been delivered. Now a complete track and update process is integrated to the app so that once the delivery is entered, a user now knows with the current stock how many individual products can be made. There are alerts to when a particular component is about to finish so that a user knows when to fill up the stock. Photo Album In the profile section of the app a user has the option to click and save photos within the app so as to have a record of any important documents that a user needs to save on the app. As the app is equipped with a local database so everything gets stored on the device. This App requires iOS 6.0 & above. This App is optimized for Iphone 5. For any queries and suggestions please visit www.mystocksize.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 18.89 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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