Myro and the Jet Fighter

The last in the series of six adventures about Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World, set in awesome Australia! Narrated by Christopher Biggins, this ...

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The last in the series of six adventures about Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World, set in awesome Australia! Narrated by Christopher Biggins, this exciting interactive storybook App is perfect for children mad about Planes, Animals and Adventures! Features 'Read & record'! * 32 story pages for iPad * Narrated by Christopher Biggins and other great actors * Record your own voice 6 times! * Perfect for encouraging boys to read * Play the story like a video, even with your own voice! * Animation, music and sound effects on every page * Speech bubbles and surprises triggered by hotspots on every page * Three interactive games * Two Sing-Along-Songs with words * Theme tune with Photo Album * Previews of all the books _______________________________________ THE STORY Brace yourselves! It’s a sonic BOOOOOM! Jimo the jet fighter breaks the sound barrier and air force regulations to tease the smallest plane in the World about his size. But the joke’s on the super-cool jet when Myro has to rescue the air force hot-shot and his pilot from an embarrassing crash in the Australian Bush. Can Myro zoom in before the pilot becomes fish food? Will the supersonic plane become a friend or an enemy? Myro soon finds out, after a day of adventure and a night in the air base! ___________________________________________________________ REVIEWS from the original Myro and the Jet Fighter App _____________________ Well made - FIVE STAR!!!!! by Tea & Biscuit - Version 1.1.1 - Feb 27, 2013 This app has had a bit of effort put into it. Some apps/books just seem to be cobbled together on a Friday night. The app has some nice interactive bits but not so many that your child gets distracted from the story. Easy to load and smooth running. Professional and worth the £. _________________________________ Myro the micro light Is fab - FIVE STAR!!!!! by Cvw - Version 1.1.1 - Jan 5, 2013 This is our favourite - we have a 3 year old and a 4 year old and they love it. It is the app they always ask for, and now they are exploring the other features, and enjoy looking at it together. Usually when they have finished they demand we read the books, also great. ____________________ Fabulous - FIVE STAR!!!!! by Mount Hagen - Version 1.0 - Oct 24, 2012 I thought this was very witty and multilayered with an element of fable to it. Looking forward to more. _____________________ Awesome! - FIVE STAR!!!!! by Macavity the Practical Cat - Version 1.0 - Oct 19, 2012 What fun! We found this App by chance today and Alex and I love it! We had great fun playing with this and we keep finding more things every time we've turned it on. Alex won't put it down. She loves planes and the story is great. We loved the pictures and the animation and Alex loves the Australian voices and recording herself! Christopher Biggins is really great, I loved him in I'm a Celebrity, and the music is really catchy. We loved following the words of the songs. Brilliant!


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Version: 1.2.4

Size: 264.64 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by NickRose Ltd

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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