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Mysterious Gems

John Howard Jr., Ph.D., is publisher and owner of RW&D Publishing and author of the Mysterious Gem Series, a medieval fantasy tale featuring: Rachel, ...

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John Howard Jr., Ph.D., is publisher and owner of RW&D Publishing and author of the Mysterious Gem Series, a medieval fantasy tale featuring: Rachel, the Princess, Mascara, the Witch, and Meinheart, the Dragon. RW&D Publishing creates children, teen, and adult fiction. The company's leading series is, The Mysterious Gems. Book number one, The Mysterious Gems: the Black Ruby, begins the reader’s journey into a six book series filled with mystery and intrigue, plot twists, and cliffhanging action. The Mysterious Gems: the Black Ruby is the hottest new edition for the growing company, with the 2nd book of the series, The Mysterious Gems: the Blue Ice Topaz is coming soon. Book three, the Mysterious Gems: the Purple Sea Pearl, evolving from the author’s magical laptop keyboard, is scheduled for release in 20001114 or 2015. Subsequent books in the series will follow each edition. Creative vision and talent drives the company forward into a field of fantastical characters, fictional worlds, and changing adventures. The Mysterious Gems series will follow a similar format and structure. Teachers should enjoy exposing students to a sequence of books where every sentence is written in “active voice” with strong fluid verbs driving the action and suspense. “No To Be Verbs,” am, is are, was, were, be, been, and being and become are used in narration, description, or dialogue. Now recognized by professional writers in the field as the first author in the history of writing to pen a fiction novel without including the following “To Be Verbs:” in narration, description, or dialogue. Dr. Howard was the senior English professor on the Palatka Campus of St. Johns River State College in Palatka, Florida where he taught Composition I, Composition II, Literature 2000, American Literature I, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, and Children’s Literature. While producing The Mysterious Gem Series, the first book in the sequence subtitled "The Black Ruby,” Dr. Howard is also putting the finishing touches to his “dramedy,” the Steel Box,” a screenplay, “A Vision of Greatness,” and a children's book, “George the Knot Headed Golf Ball.” He is also the author of the Golfer’s Playbook. - Receive exclusive updates from Dr. John Howard Jr. - Subscribe to the newsletter for all things Mysterious Gems! - Get exclusive coupons available only to app users. - Digital "storefront" to purchase books and other items. - Learn about upcoming books and artwork. - Reader comment wall to leave comments, pictures, or to ask Dr. John Howard Jr. a question.


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