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Mystic Empyrean

The Mystic Empyrean Digital Corebook brings the world of Empyrean to life in your hands. More than a traditional PDF, this app includes a complete wiki-text ...

Discontinued App


The Mystic Empyrean Digital Corebook brings the world of Empyrean to life in your hands. More than a traditional PDF, this app includes a complete wiki-text corebook module, automatic card-based resolution, a database of NPCs and treasures, randomly generated adventure hooks, and integrated connection to the Living Mystic Empyrean Website, where you can tap into the creations of other players and add them to your world. In Mystic Empyrean, you and your allies are Eidolons--immortal forces of nature in a ruined world. Your goal is to rebuild the world from scratch according to your own design, and then to explore the lands you create. Mystic Empyrean features a revolutionary RPG experience that allows players to imagine new worlds and define certain properties about then, and then to explore them and discover the full depth of their creations. In addition, players develop based upon the traits they roleplay. One consumed with Wrath will develop the trait 'Hotheaded', enabling him to control fire. One who broods and ponders will develop 'Webweaver', allowing her to spin webs to catch the unsuspecting. The possibilities for character development and customization are endless, and it is the way that your character is perceived by others that will determine what you become. This first-of-its-kind digital corebook contains everything you need to play Mystic Empyrean (aside from a few character sheets, which can be downloaded for free from http://www.mysticempyrean.com. Features: - Over 90 stunning Persona Traits to develop your Eidolons. - A Wiki-text corebook provides bookmarking for fast reference and access. - Fully implemented resolution system and random generation system for creating adventures on the go. - Includes three pre-made realms for you to adventure in. - Synchronize with Living Mystic Empyrean (http://www.mysticempyrean.com) to download user-made creations from all over the world and integrate them into your game. - Browse a digital art book with over 100 different illustrations by the artists of Mystic Empyrean that bring the world to life. - Quick reference guides make it easy to run combat, escalate the story, and determine which traits your Eidolons are developing in. Mystic Empyrean is a traditional pen-and-paper roleplaying game. It is a storytelling game of high fantasy intended for adults. This app itself is not a game, but a reference guide that allows you to play the game with friends sitting around a table (just like a traditional corebook). No other materials except character sheets are required to play the game. Visit http://www.mysticempyrean.com for more information and a free preview PDF


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 42.68 MB


Price: 17,99 €

Developed by D. Brad Talton Jr.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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