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************* WHY WE LOVE IT ************* NBDE Cram Cards is the best way to study for the NBDE, both efficiently and effectively on your iPhone or ...

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************* WHY WE LOVE IT ************* NBDE Cram Cards is the best way to study for the NBDE, both efficiently and effectively on your iPhone or iPad. Flash cards are scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to learn. Our engineered system teaches you and makes memorizing easier - saves time, effort and frustration. NBDE Cram Cards will push the cards you need to learn harder than the rest, making sure you learn what you need. Easy to use! But above all, always in your reach! You can use NBDE Cram Cards in your free time, waiting for the bus, on the subway, or wherever you want. NBDE Cram Cards lets you make the most of all those short periods of time that you have every day. All your NBDE FlashCards, right at your fingertips. Study Smarter, Score Higher! ************* THE PROOF ************* - "I absolutely love your app, it really is amazing to study for my upcoming dental board exam at my convenience" [October 2013] 
- "I was a beta-tester for this app and found it to be an excellent resource to prepare me for my NBDE" [October, 2013]
 - "I am memorizing NBDE concepts better than ever already. Excellent product." [October 2013] ************* TOP FEATURES ************* - Access over 2800 digital flashcards focused for the NBDE and your dental school exams on Anatomy, anytime anywhere with convenience and accessibility! - Learn from high-yield content relevant to questions presented on the NBDE - Understand concepts with our picture cards (over 500 pictures) - Study and track your progress with no limits - Fun to use with our clean and user-friendly design with retina display! - Flip through your NBDE Cram Cards with intuitive finger motions - Swipe between cards and touch to flip to the back and mark your knowledge. - Flick screen to move back and forth between flashcards - NBDE Cram Cards learns your study habits and helps you visualize and monitor your progress through advanced statistics - Track of the cards you know by marking them and only studying the ones you know or don't know - Focus on tough facts, go hard on “the wrongs”, and take pride in your progress - Instantly filter and search flashcards based on keywords - Drill yourself with fundamental NBDE Concepts and Facts more efficiently - NBDE Cram Cards is more affordable than other flashcards - No longer carry heavy flashcards in your back pack - Boost your score while shaving days off your study time - Receive free unlimited updates… an advantage of digital flashcards! - Contact us directly through the app - Guaranteed to Pass or double your money back ************* SUPPORT ************* In order to achieve the best customer satisfaction, we always take your feedback into consideration. This is why most of the improvements, fixes and additional features came from your suggestions and requests. Please email us at info@cram-cards.com as we are always here to support you. We look forward to helping you in prepping for your dental school exams and in acing your NBDE.


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