WHO IS THE NEURONprocessor FOR? The NEURONprocessor is for all who want to use their brain in a more useful way than simply everyday thinking: • ideation • ...

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WHO IS THE NEURONprocessor FOR? The NEURONprocessor is for all who want to use their brain in a more useful way than simply everyday thinking: • ideation • more knowledge • more creativity • better concepts • quicker solutions ... … using the brain in a new and modern way - based upon recent brain research. Apart from its scientific basis it comes with an appealing retro design giving you the sensation of being an agent on a secret mission. Because our brain functions and learns best when it´s having fun. So, Let´s go. GETTING MORE INFORMATION FROM YOUR BRAIN Within "NEURONprocessor Missions" you have increased access to your brain and are therefore able to generate more complex information. This gives you the opportunity for faster and better problem solving, ideation processes, concept development, etc.. You are therefore able to use these advantages to reach your goals and intentions more effectively. This can be privately, in your company and in research. In this way you ´ll be able to let your ideas and approaches stand out. THE NEURONprocessor MODULES ASSIGNMENT MODULE: CREATE AND ORGANIZE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS / PROJECTS The NEURONprocessor supports you in creating and organizing your assignments. Once you create an assignment, you can begin your mission immediately. You can also forward it by email to other NEURONprocessor users (solver) in order to get additional information. These will be sent as a "mission report" by email or transfered as a local file exchange (offline). MISSION MODULE: IMPROVING YOUR ABILITY TO GATHER INFORMATION You start your mission after the creation of an assignment. You begin to develop global associative information in stage 1. You are able to extract more and more specific information from your brain in 6 stages. Therefore you employ specific multiple choice and writing techniques. The NEURONprocessor leads you step by step through your mission. ANALYSIS MODULE: ANALYZING YOUR MISSIONS Once a "Brain Mission" is successfully completed, you evaluate the results obtained. Therefore a simple but effective analysis tool is used. Additionally you can share your mission data with others, via email or local file exchange (offline). INTEGRATED HELP: HERE YOU GET HELP AND STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS For every context within the app, a help text is available with optional learning videos on NEURONprocessing TV on YouTube. In addition, every step will have a short instructions guide that always tells you how to end the actual step and what the next step is. UPDATES & NEWS MODULE: TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK The NEURONprocessor support forum is directly integrated into the iPad app. So, support is only a fingertip away. SWARM INTELLIGENCE MODULE: COOPERATE WITH OTHER SOLVERS WITHIN THE OPTIONAL WEB APP The NEURONprocessor Web App allows you the worldwide cooperation with other solvers. If you need additional mission data (Swarm Intelligence), you just get it from your self selected team or buy this from other solvers. Of course you earn money for successful missions that you conduct on others assignments. The NEURONintelligence is also a very fair crowd sourcing, whereby the solvers work on optimal concepts and solutions together. There is no competition of the best ideas where only one person or team earns and the others leave empty-handed. eLEARNING & TRAINING MODULE: GET THE MOST OUT OF THE NEURONprocessor To get the most out of the NEURONprocessor, a modern eLearning and training was developed and integrated into the App. You can book eLearning or training services anytime to learn professional techniques and acquire a certificate.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.3

Size: 53.1 MB


Price: 9,34 €

Developed by NEURONprocessing

Day of release: 2010-04-1

Recommended age: 4+

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