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"If you’re into your tarot cards, astrology or anything of the sort, you’ll love Pocket Numerologist." - RedmondPie.com "With The Pocket Numerologist, ...

Discontinued App


"If you’re into your tarot cards, astrology or anything of the sort, you’ll love Pocket Numerologist." - RedmondPie.com "With The Pocket Numerologist, you can finally know what direction your life is taking, will take, and why." - Examiner.com ***** "BEST NUMEROLOGY APP EVER!!" - Julie Buchanan Hess ***** "By far, the most complete one I've seen! I really like it!" - Birdiecrazed ***** "Amazing" - 420Happy ***** "Learned a lot!" - BetterBasement ***** "Perfection!!!!" - MrMerceohn MAIN FEATURES: * Complete and Accurate Numerological Reports. * COMPATIBILITY: Find Out Incredible Facts About Your Relationship With Your Loved Ones or Business Partners. * FORECAST: Find Out What Each Year, Month and Day Means For You and Your Loved Ones. ~ More than 30 Extremely Accurate Calculations. ~ Each Complete Report has more than 20 Letter (European A4) Pages. ~ Each Report is Unique and Personalized. ~ No Computer Generated Feeling - Each Report Feels Like It Is "Talking" To You. ~ Add Your Family Members and Friends From Your Contacts or Facebook Account. ~ Exports Beautifully Crafted PDF Reports. ~ Share Reports with Mail: HTML E-mail or PDF Attachment. ~ Share Reports on Facebook with your Friends and Family. WHY NUMEROLOGY: Be it at home, at work, in your love relationships or in your social circles, there are times when you may feel you can handle the situation better. ~ You CAN be with a life partner who is most compatible with you.  Relationships are not all about chemical reactions and pheromones... Yes, it kicks things off in the short term, but there needs to be other compatible elements that form ingredients for the permanent glue... ~ You CAN still save your love relationship if you are able to communicate your feelings and your fears better. ~ You CAN respond to your spouse, children, friends or colleagues with more understanding and less anger. ~ You CAN achieve more at work and progress further if you are more aware of your lack of focus and need for organization. ~ You CAN make better career decisions if you understand your personality, strengths and weaknesses better. ~ You CAN use numerology to assist in current healing and letting go of the past.  Part of the emotional healing process is understanding yourself better in all aspects of your life. Numerology is a science that deals with numbers which are used as tools in influencing the human life in a positive way. When people are on the lookout for a grip to achieve success and happiness, Numerology can be of great help. Apart from these, here are various other reasons as to why Numerology and its consultation are important in your life: ~ Short and Long Term Analysis – Assessing your birth chart will predict only the long term events but, numerology predictions can also spot out even the short term events of your life. This will help you in making major decisions like buying property, job change, overseas opportunities and much more. ~ Works on Your Karma – The Numerology numbers are empowered to reduce your Karmic effects thereby altering your destiny! This will bring happiness in your life. ~ Identifies Weak Zones – Using the Pocket Numerologist, you will come to know the areas of your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, The Pocket Numerologist will advise the numerological ways through which you can overcome such pitfalls in life. ~ Better Understanding of the Self – Numerology readings are formed based on an individual’s psychic numbers. This will give a clear insight about your personality, attitude, preferences and behavioural patterns. While knowing these, you will gain a better understanding about your personality. NOTE: * The Pocket Numerologist calculates and interprets the Master Numbers 11 & 22. * The Pocket Numerologist does not consider 33 to be a Master Number, so it is reduced to a 6!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 19.74 MB


Price: 9,42 €

Developed by Razvan Alin Tanase

Day of release: 2013-04-30

Recommended age: 4+

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