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New World Translation of the Holy ScripturesSimple and easily readable application allowing you to read the Bible everyday.Benefits of ...

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New World Translation of the Holy ScripturesSimple and easily readable application allowing you to read the Bible everyday.Benefits of app:
- Swipe your finger across the screen in order to change pages.
- Easy access to books and chapters
- References and footnotes (available in 22 languages at the moment)
- Audio player: 18 languages, online version, ability to working in background, play/pause/stop buttons, seek bar
- Advanced & easy search
- Bible Topics for Discussion
- Bookmarks
- Multi-language support: rapid switch between two languages, view chapter in two languages at the same time in landscape mode (for tablets as well as mobiles)
- Option to copy/share verses
- Night/day mode
- Ability to change font size
- Ability to select/lock screen orientation
- Option to adjust the screen brightness
- Option to text alignment: left, justify
- Full screen option
- Working on latest mobiles as well as tablets
- Special view designed for tabletsHighlighting option is not supported yetTo activate Audio Player:
Please go to Preferences > select "Set languages, references, audio" > select "Audio" and then please tap the icon on the right side to get information about the books with audio. After then audio player will be available above the content of chapter in the main screen.References and footnotes:
References and footnotes are not available automatically. Please go to Preferences > select"Set languages, references, audio" > and then if "References and footnotes" option is active for selected language press it to download itHow to switch between two languages?:
- Portrait or landscape mode: if you have set two languages please go to menu (top right screen corner) and select "Switch to [language]".
- Landscape mode with dual view (selected option: two languages at the same time): press the icon《》on the top bar to swap between two languages.Supported languages: 33
• English (1984 Edition) - references (+), footnotes (*), A - audio player
• English (2013 Revision, +*, with Outline of Contents)
• Afrikaans
• Albanian
• Armenian - Հայերէն
• Bulgarian - български
• Czech - Česky (+*A)
• Cebuano
• Chinese (Simplified) - 汉语(简化字) (+*A)
• Chinese (Traditional) - 漢語(繁體字) (+*A)
• Danish - Dansk (+*A)
• Finnish - Suomi (+*A)
• French - Français (+*A)
• German - Deutsch (+*A)
• Greek - Ελληνική (+)
• Hungarian - Magyar (+*A)
• Iloko
• Italian - Italiano (+*A)
• Korean - 한국어 (+A)
• Nederlands - Dutch (+*A)
• Norwegian - Norsk (+*A)
• Polish - Polski (+A)
• Portuguese - Português (+*A)
• Romanian - Română (+*)
• Russian - Русский (+*A)
• Serbian - Српски (+*)
• Slovak - Slovenčina
• Slovenian - Slovenski
• Spanish - Español (+*A)
• Swedish - Svenska (+*A)
• Tagalog (+)
• Twi (Akuapem)
• Twi (Asante)Application requires Internet connection in order to download epub files from jw.org
In order to improve this app we collect anonymous statistics using Google Analytics.
This is not jw.org official app.


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Version: 0.5.7

Size: 2.2 MB


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