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Benefit: The App NameTrainer® helps to learn and remember a name when you see the person. No more "Hello Ms...ahem...what was your name again? Sorry, ...

Discontinued App


Benefit: The App NameTrainer® helps to learn and remember a name when you see the person. No more "Hello Ms...ahem...what was your name again? Sorry, but I am really bad in names…“ You are part of a new team or have to remember your students, new employees or customer contact persons in a short time? No problem anymore - it’s even fun to learn with this App! The Basic Principle: The basic principle is easy and well known: visual learning! The name of a person has to be connected to its picture (Profile Picture). If it is connected you will remember the name when you see the person. Additionally you need a visual bridge. The name has to be cut into helpful pieces and tagged with Hint Pictures. Cut names into pieces and tag Hint Pictures to it: For example you may cut the name “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi” (the phonetics of the name is possible to listen on wikipedia) into the following pieces: Mo - hand - as - Karam - chand - Gan - dhi To each piece of the name you tag a "Hint Picture": Mo - motorbike hand - hand as - ace (or Aspen, assets, etc.) Karam - caramel joghurt chand - dschanna (Arabic word for paradise) Gan - ganges (river in India) dhi - Didgeridoo (Australian instrument) If you are able to remember these Hint Pictures with the picture of Gandhi, you will as soon as you see a picture of Gandhi remember his full name! Learning with NameTrainer® is Fun: With NameTrainer® this exercise makes a lot of fun! The funnier the Hint Pictures, the better you will remember the Hint Pictures and tagged names later. Hint Pictures are found on the web. You take a print screen and add them to Hint Pictures, sort and delete them later as you like. Hint Pictures may be chosen from your albums too, on the web or take them with the integrated camera of your device. This “work” supports the learning process heavily and is desired. You look into a name in detail and work with it. This invested time will be spared later when training and remembering names. Memory Cardbox System: By training with NameTrainer® a physical memory cardbox system is simulated. All selected names with a Profile Picture start in memory cardbox 1. All names tagged as "known" are moved into box 2, then into box 3 and finally in box 4. Contacts Synchronisation: The App syncs by tipping the button "Sync" in “My Names” with your Contacts. With this functionality changed data or added Profile Pictures are synced between Contacts and NameTrainer®. Profile Pictures may be added from all your albums, searched on the web or taken by yourself with the integrated camera of your device. In the same menu you may mark/select groups (if you have defined groups in your Contacts) to train by pressing “Edit”. Summary of the Learning Procedure: 1. Enter names and data to train (in Contacts) 2. Select names to train (My Names) 3. Add Profile Pictures (in Contacts or NameTrainer®) 4. Define and enter Hint Pictures 5. Learn and Train 6. Reset


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