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This app could also be called “The Grand Dictionary of Names in Persia” It is a massive volume that has required two and a half years of research and ...

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This app could also be called “The Grand Dictionary of Names in Persia” It is a massive volume that has required two and a half years of research and diligence to produce. The book contains nearly ten thousand names from every part of the Iranian state. It incorporates research from Iranian literature, as well as scientific and other scholarly papers and publications. It is a most comprehensive volume, virtually an encyclopedia, of Iranian names, and is the most complete volume available for those who are in need of the useful information it contains. This is a literary accomplishment worthy of world class recognition. It was developed with extreme care, precision, and attention to the minutest detail. The entries in the NAMES DICTIONARY were skillfully compiled so as to avoid deficiencies that are common to other similar books. Words defined in the dictionary include a compilation of different meanings of the same word, where appropriate. The authors attempted to provide every definitions and commentary even those that have negative implications for a name, while they tried to avoid unwarranted emphasis on overly elegant or unjustifiably positive meanings. Unlike similar books, this dictionary does not create incorrect meanings for purposes of justifying some of the common entries. At best, this is misleading to users of these other volumes and, at worst, it is a betrayal of the Persian culture. The NAMES DICTIONARY is credible because of its extreme attention to detail and accuracy. One additional feature its users will enjoy is the introduction of new and innovative benefits that are included. Some features of this software are: - A simple, functional and enhanced encyclopedic user interface - Compilation of nearly ten thousand names, including definitions, gender designations, language and dialects of origin, comments of historical significance, and other details - Correct pronunciation of all names, incorporating gender considerations - Offers the user the ability to extract pure Persian names from other languages and dialects - Offers the user the ability to extract names by gender, origin of language and dialects - Offers the user the ability to add names to his/her very own lists of Likes and considered فرهنگ نام‌ها مجموعۀ‌ حاضر که‌ باید آن‌ را «فرهنگ‌ بزرگ‌ نام‌های‌ ایران‌زمین» نام‌ نهاد، کار سترگی‌ست‌ که‌ طی‌ دو سال‌ و نیم‌ تحقیق‌ و پژوهش‌ با دقت‌ و پشتکاری‌ شایان‌ تقدیر و بی‌وقفه‌ تهیه‌ و تدوین‌ شده‌ است‌. این‌ کتاب‌ که‌ حدود ده‌هزار واژه‌ از نام‌های‌ ماندگار جای‌جای‌ ایران‌زمین‌ را در خود جای‌ داده‌، در حقیقت‌ دانش‌نامۀ‌ جامعی‌ست‌ که‌ با به‌ کارگیری‌ ظرایف‌ علمی‌، ادبی‌ و پژوهشی‌ در مرتبه‌ای‌ بالاتر از دیگر مجموعه‌های‌ مشابه‌ ایستاده‌ و همردیف‌ آثار معتبر جهانی‌ قرار دارد. برخی از ویژگی‌های این نرم‌افزار: - دارای رابط کاربری ساده، کاربردی و بهینه برای فرهنگ‌نامه - گردآوری حدود ده‌هزار نام، به همراه جنسیت، ریشۀ زبانی و گویش‌های گوناگون، معنی، شخصیت تاریخی و توضیح - همراه با خوانش درست تک‌تک نام‌ها، با در نظر گرفتن جنسیت هر نام - امکان جداسازی نام‌های ناب پارسی از دیگر زبان‌ها و گویش‌ها - قابلیت جداسازی نام‎‌ها بر اساس جنسیت، ریشۀ زبانی و گویش‌های گوناگون توسط کاربر - قابلیت افزودن نام‌ها به فهرست پسندها و نام‌های بررسی‌شده - امکان فرستادن نام مورد نظر با ایمیل و انتشار در فیس‌بوک و توییتر


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Version: 2.1

Size: 114.72 MB


Price: 6,72 €

Developed by VIRAWARE INC.

Day of release: 2013-08-3

Recommended age: 4+

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