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PLEASE NOTE: If you decline to use location information, you must go to SETTINGS >GENERAL>RESET>RESET LOCATION WARNING and reset the location warning. ...

Discontinued App


PLEASE NOTE: If you decline to use location information, you must go to SETTINGS >GENERAL>RESET>RESET LOCATION WARNING and reset the location warning. Restart the app and agree to the use of location data. During a one week period in April we moved or applications to a virtual server and experienced problems with our ISP. We apologize for any problems this may have caused. The technical issues have been resolved and the app is fully functional. The National Mall app is designed to increase your enjoyment of the National Mall by quickly orienting you to the most popular features and points of interest. The National Mall is more than 1,000 acres of parkland located in the center of Washington DC. The National Mall is the focus of most sightseeing visits to the national capital area. Experience the history of our nation. The National Mall features more than 80 historic structures and over 150 major named historic parks, squares, circles and triangles. The National Mall is lined by more than 2,000 American elms, and 3,000 internationally-renowned Japanese Cherry Trees. Gardens that are botanical showplaces displays thousands of tulips, pansies and annuals on over 170 flower beds, and 35 ornamental pools and fountains range from the simple to the sublime. But more then gardens and memorials, the mall contains 43 ball fields for softball, rugby, field hockey, volleyball and even polo. In the Spring the Mall is covered by the light and beautiful Cherry Blossoms, on the 4th of July the Mall play host to the incomparable fireworks display and at Christmas the National Christmas Tree. Organized by Tours all of the the most popular Memorials, Museums and public buildings are featured. Once you determine what Tour you wish to use to explore the National Mall, you are presented with all buildings or points of interest that match your request. If you want to customize your Tour; Push the Adjust Tour Button and check off the items you want to see. Push Done Adjusting and your revised list of points of interest is shown. The Tour is sorted; with the closest point of interest shown first. As you walk the National Mall, detailed information on each building or point of interest is shown. A pull down audio player lets you listen to a narration of each point on the walk. You can play embedded videos for further information. You may view all selected points of interest either as a list or as a Map. In the Map Mode you will see all points of interest graphically displayed. Zoom on the Map. The National Mall App pulls from a data base that is constantly being updated with what is hot for that time period. Be sure to regularly check back to get the latest information on current events. The App provides the latest information on access requirements, hours of operations, and similar information. Your experience will be greatly enhanced if you refer to the embedded User Guide prior to your first use. If you want to get point to point directions; select the point of interest and then select Directions. Walking or Driving Directions are presented: NOTE: Directions take you outside of the National Mall App, if you have developed a custom Tour you will lose you Tour and must re-enter the app. We acknowledge and credit the National Park Service for information used in the development of this App. The use of public domain information does not and should not be construed to be an endorsement of this App by the National Park Service. As you enjoy the National Mall please consider the fragile nature of the National Mall and please consider making a donation to the Trust for the National Mall (www.nationalmall.org). © All Rights Reserved by Integrature, LLC (individual photos, audio files, text and video file.) © All Rights Reserved as a Compilation by Integrature, LLC.


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