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Nazi Germany for iPad

The Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945, reshaping nation and society and imposing their own distorted views about power, progress ...

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The Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945, reshaping nation and society and imposing their own distorted views about power, progress and race. Nazi Germany for iPad places an understanding of this notorious regime right at your fingertips, with detailed information, great graphics and interactive features - all for the fraction of the price of a textbook! INFORMATIVE Nazi Germany for iPad contains 36 chapters, written especially for this app by Alpha History authors and not available elsewhere. Explore the people, background, ideas and actions of Nazism, with the following chapters: 1. Adolf Hitler 2. Nazi Party 3. Nazi ideology 4. The SA 5. The SS 6. Weimar Germany 7. The Great Depression 8. Hitler becomes chancellor 9. The Reichstag fire 10. Extending control 11. Hitler and the Reichswehr 12. Night of the Long Knives 13. The Nazi state 14. Nazi economic policies 15. Hermann Goering 16. Heinrich Himmler 17. Joseph Goebbels 18. Other Nazi leaders 19. Work and leisure 20. Women 21. Children 22. Religion 23. Berlin Olympics 24. Eugenics 25. Anti-Semitism 26. Racial policies 27. Law and order 28. Opposition to the Nazis 29. Hitler and Mussolini 30. Hitler and Stalin 31. Spanish Civil War 32. The road to World War II 33. Invasion of Poland These chapters are supported by a detailed timeline, a glossary of important terms, a summary of the historiography of Nazi Germany, a collection of primary and secondary quotations, and a 'strange but true' page containing unusual facts about the Nazis and their rule. Nazi Germany for iPad is ideal for both the casual reader, or as an e-textbook for students across a range of levels, including: - middle and upper secondary courses - IB, AP and other diploma courses (US) - GSCE and A-level (UK) - VCE, HSC and other Australian courses - undergraduate students wanting an accessible introduction to Nazism and its historical context Nazi Germany for iPad contains a range of interactive features. All chapters are supported by audio, so you can read along with the text or use the app as an audiobook. There are embedded videos, image slideshows and card-flip activities. You can also test and revise your knowledge with eight crosswords and eight multiple choice quizzes. Stay tuned for more great History apps from Alpha History in 2014. For more information on Germany between 1918 and 1939, visit http://alphahistory.com/nazigermany/


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Version: 1.3

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Price: 1,88 €

Developed by Alpha History

Day of release: 2011-09-8

Recommended age: 4+

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