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************************************************************** Network Marketing Pro – App Stores only app dedicated specifically to managing your ...

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************************************************************** Network Marketing Pro - App Stores only app dedicated specifically to managing your Network Marketing Contacts ************************************************************** 1) Are you into Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing or MLM? 2) Do you want to meet or exceed your sales goals 3) Do you have a stack of business cards or scraps of paper with your potential Network Marketing Contacts? 4) Do you use an excel spreadsheet, Word Document or piece of paper to manage your Network Marketing Contacts? 5) If so, then this is the app for you! The inspiration to develop this application came to me one night as I watched a friend who was a network marketing profession organize all of his contacts into an Excel file so he could keep them in a different location than his address book. I said to myself, there should be an app that allows network marketing professionals to do this on the fly, rather than sitting at a computer. If you are like most marketing professionals, you have no desire to mix your business leads with your personal contacts. With Network Marketing Pro, you have a separate address book with specific information about each contact to help you meet your sales goals! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: • Wow this app is really going to help me increase my numbers! I was able to easily call one of my prospects while waiting inline at the airport for my flight to Canada! - George Wallace • This tool is great! I showed the app to my Doctor prospects as to why I wanted him to join my organization and he was so impressed with the app that it helped me seal the deal! He has now signed up 3 more people in 2 weeks! DETAILS: 1) Maintain a separate or PRIVATE Address Book for all your Network Marketing, MLM or Multi-Level Marketing Contacts. 2) Ability to Password Protect your address book so that it private 3) Ability to email all your prospects on your product offering 4) Ability to email all your entire downline for upcoming meetings/events/calls 5) Keep track of how many times you “reached” or attempted to contact your prospect 6) Ability to rate your contacts and then sort them by their rating for faster searching when you need a specific prospect or star downline performers 7) Manage a separate PRIVATE calendar for all your meetings 8) Ability to keep a photo of your contacts so that it is easier to remember them 9) Quick dial button 10) Quick email button REVIEW: As always, all updates are free; please take a moment to express your appreciation by updating or writing a review on iTunes. It only takes few seconds and it makes a big difference in knowing what we are doing right and what we can do better. Thank you and look for more updates and apps from Swagger Technologies.


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